One can make you heartbreaking

Coffee that is not funnel can increase your cholesterol.

One can make you heartbreaking

The black drink is self-written for breakfast and at work, in company as well as in the mountains, and coffee making has become an art.

– Coffee is a significant source of magnesium in the Norwegian diet, says clinical nutrition physiologist Gunn Helene Arsky to Better Health.

But the black drink also has its dark sides.

Safe with Trakt

The biggest problem with coffee is the coffee glue. When drinking coffee made in a coffee maker, the grease is left in the paper filter.

However, coffee made with metal filters, such as espresso and espresso-based coffee drinks, cookware or press cane coffee, has the coffee grit intact when the drink ends in the cup.

This fat is a health hazard.

Hazardous fat

– About 10 percent of the coffee fiber consists of diterpenes called cafestol and kahweol. These are the most cholesterol-increasing substances we know. They have a strongly increasing effect on cholesterol in LDL, which increases the risk of heart attack with increasing concentration, states professor of nutrition science at the University of Oslo, Christian A. Drevon.

– Therefore, you should limit the intake of diterpener, he emphasizes.

Coffee Bars

One can make you heartbreaking

Therefore, you get leamus

Arsky agrees with the recommendation.

– The old-fashioned cookie cafe is on its way out, but instead we have got coffee bars on every street corner. And much of the coffee we find in the macchiato, in the double slate or in the americano is pure cookie coffee, that’s coffee cooked without a filter of paper, she says.

Another thing is that this milk-based coffee is also very calorie-rich and is not suitable for anyone who fits the weight.

Warns of coffee habits

– Is there any reason to warn against the new coffee vanes that mean fewer drinking coffee?

One can make you heartbreaking

This causes the psychopath to lose the grip

One can make you heartbreaking

How to break the bra code

– Yes, it is not beneficial to consume diterpenes. All coffee that is filtered through paper filters is free from coffee fats. Regular filter coffee and instant coffee are free for diters, while coffee that only uses metal filters contains cafestol and kahweol in varying amounts. says Drevon.

– Every day you should choose filter coffee, instant coffee or tea, Arsky recommends.


The coffee bean is not really a bean but seeded in a fruit.

– It’s probably become popular as a drink because it contains caffeine, says Arsky.

This substance seems invigorating, but also addictive and exhausting in large quantities.

– Caffeine increases heart rate and blood pressure, increases sweat production and can cause diuretic, she says.

Much magnesium

Coffee also contributes positively to the diet, says Arsky.

One can make you heartbreaking

ESPRESSO: Also coffee from modern coffee machines contains the dangerous coffee grit. This means that both espresso, cappuccino, macchiato and caffe latte can boost cholesterol if you drink a lot of such coffee. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: color box. com

– Coffee is surprising for 10 percent of the magnesium intake to the Norwegians, and magnesium is important for our skeleton, as well as for normal muscle function, informs the nutritionist.

Nutritional content in 100ml of tea coffee

Energy: 2 kJ / 0 kcal

Fat: 0 g

Carbohydrate: 0 g

Protein: 0.1 g

Tiamine: 0.01 mg

Potassium: 99 mg

Magnesium: 1 mg

Caffeine: 50-90 mg

Coffee drinking also seems to protect against Alzheimer’s. A Portuguese survey showed that healthy elderly people who had drunk three to four cups of coffee daily since the age of 25 did not have signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Research is ongoing

Coffee also contains a lot of antioxidants and phytoestrogens.

There is a lot of research on coffee and health effects, and still new studies are being presented.

– Especially, coffeeic acid and chlorogenic acid are interesting when researchers now look at coffee drinking as prevention of prostate cancer and type 2 diabetes, Arsky says..

Not convinced

However, Drevon is not convinced of the research so far published.

– Coffee without coffee fats has been reported to have some beneficial and some adverse effects which, in my opinion, are so uncertain that we can not say that coffee has marked health benefits, he concludes.

Little iron

One can make you heartbreaking

Therefore you get sick on your day off

Coffee has traditionally been used as a laxative and antipotentic agent, without this being confirmed by modern research.

– The tannins in coffee give the coffee the bitter taste. This substance may interfere with the intake of iron in the intestine. If you have problems with low iron status, you should add the coffee extra for meals, says Arsky.

For the same reason, coffee can exacerbate gastric ulcers.

Interfering with sleep

Caffeinated coffee is mildly diuretic and can interfere with the natural urine production rhythm.

– Again, this can go out of sleep if you drink coffee late and have to go to the toilet at night, warns Arsky.

Enough sleep is very important to our overall health.


One can make you heartbreaking

One advantage of getting cold

There is caffeine free coffee for you who do not want all the side effects of this stimulant substance. she suggests.

Arsky also points out that there are coffee replacements that do not contain coffee at all: caffeine free, preferably instant coffee breakage made from fruit, barley, rye and / or sugar carotene.

– Tea is an option for those who want less amounts of caffeine, and herbal tea is a caffeine-free alternative, she says.

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