Okay to be thick as long as you’re healthy?

Some can withstand more kilos than others.

Okay to be thick as long as you're healthy?

Maybe you weigh too much, but your blood pressure is okay and cholesterol level was where you should check last? Then it’s okay that the couch and the potato coin will call tonight too, or?

Yes, some have a body and a health that can withstand a little more pounds than others, but overweight in them is not a health sign, doctors state that they are researchers on weight and health.

– I do not like the term “healthy obesity”, Professor Kjetil Retterstøl answers the question of whether there is overweight that is healthier than another.

Kjetil Retterstøl is a senior and professor of molecular energy at the University of Oslo.

– The best thing is to be normal, he says.

But it can actually be quite challenging to decide what’s normal weight for the individual.

Shorter life

Also, Jøran Hjelmesæth, a professor at the University of Oslo, leads the Center for Disease Overweight in Health South East at the hospital in Vestfold, says that as a rule there is no such thing as healthy overweight.

– At population level there is nothing that can be called a healthy overweight, he says, and argues that both Norwegian and international population studies indicate that obese may clearly have a shorter life than normal.

In fact, major surveys show that obesity and obesity can shorten life for up to several years.

But at the same time it does not necessarily have to be that overweight leads to serious illnesses that give a shorter life, “Hjelmesæth says..

Elevated blood pressure

– Half of the excess we see in obese can be explained by elevated blood pressure, high blood sugar and harmful fats in the bloodstream. An obese who has a BMI between 25 and 30, who usually has blood sugar, low and normal blood pressure, and a good level of fat in the blood, may have a slight increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Especially if the person is physically active, says the obesity researcher.

You can easily find your BMI using our BMI calculator.

Simply put, the body mass index (BMI) is the body weight in kg divided by the height in meters of other potency.

Muscular and people with heavy bone building can have a BMI value of over 25 without being overweight.

Also, Retterstøl indicates that the amount of extra kilos threatens the health of individuals, even though surveys of large groups of people show that overweight is generally harmful to health.

Okay to be thick as long as you're healthy?

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He indicates that measurements of blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood can give a good indication of how health is happening.

There are several ways to figure out how good shape you really are. BMI and waistline, heart rate and fat percentage can all help to tell you something about your body.

Apple or pear

But by using the naked eye, a few answers to how harmful overweight can be.

While a body reminiscent of what can be called an apple form, that is, a body shape where fat has lain around the stomach region is not so good for health, for example, the bulb shape is where the overweight lies on the hips and thighs so unfortunate.

The relationship between life expectancy and hip width is a measure of where any excess kilo rests on the body, for example around the stomach.

– Great vitality (apple form) and much metabolically active in fat in the stomach region are unfortunate. It’s not so bad on the hips and thighs, where the fat has less metabolic activity, “says Retterstøl.

Today’s widespread gesture is a relatively new phenomenon. In the past, people used to live more evenly.

Do not create losers

Okay to be thick as long as you're healthy?

OVERVIEW: It varies how much the extra kilos threaten the individual’s health. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Thinkstockphotos

Having said that, Retterstøl emphasizes that it is important to avoid creating losers by stigmatizing overweight in a negative way.

Okay to be thick as long as you're healthy?

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– There is already a big focus on being slim and beautiful. Focus on weight must therefore be positive. It’s “fun to work out”. It’s “good to get out of nature” and so on, he says.

However, it is a fact that obesity is an important cause of cardiovascular disease.

– There is a clear connection between obesity and cardiovascular disease in the population as a whole. Obese people are clearly at greater risk of developing this type of disease, “says Retterstøl.

In addition, obese have a much greater risk of developing diabetes than normal-weighted.

Disease Risk

Also, Jøran Hjelmesæth, who is also researching morbid obesity, says there is no doubt that obesity and obesity give a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

– In a major new analysis published in the Lancet Medical Journal in 2013, it was found that overweight (BMI from 25 to 30) increased the risk of myocardial infarction or angina pectoris by 26 percent while the risk of stroke increased by 13 percent. For people with a BMI of over 30, which is thus considered obesity, the risk of the same diseases increased by 69 and 47 percent, respectively, said.

This analysis was based on 97 population studies where 1.8 million people participated.

It is well documented that obesity is available for heart disease, but it is still uncertain why obesity is protective for those who have already become ill.

Okay to be thick as long as you're healthy?

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The overweight gives the risk

– About half of the increased risk of coronary artery disease could be explained by increased blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. This means that the other half can be explained by the overweight in itself or other unknown factors, says Hjelmesæth.

However, he says that the analysis does not say anything about physical activity among those who participated.

– It’s a weakness, he believes.

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Okay to be thick as long as you're healthy?

RESULTS: Although it varies how much health gain the individual gets of weighting down a few kilograms, it is not always necessary for health to be visible before it becomes visible.. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Thinkstockphotos


Okay to be thick as long as you're healthy?

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Retterstøl believes it is difficult to give a clear answer to how dangerous overweight is compared to other factors such as smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol – factors that in itself also increase the risk of this type of disease:

– A clear answer to this will be anyway inaccurate. It depends on how obese the person is, what kind of overweight we are talking about, how much elevated blood pressure or cholesterol is, with more. Moreover, these factors are linked together. Overweight in itself, for example, causes increased blood pressure and increased cholesterol.

Fat and salt

Also, Helmet Seed indicates that overweight is harmful, partly because blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar increase as a result of overweight and unhealthy foods, such as high fat and salt in the diet.

– Smoking is more dangerous than moderate obesity, but comparable to a BMI of over 40, where the person is at risk of at least 10 years of lost life, he says, referring to a report from the Norwegian Directorate of Health on national follow-up of goals from the World Health Organization, WHO.

What’s too much?

– It varies from person to person how much extra it is ok to weigh, according to researchers. Nor here the absolute truths.

Okay to be thick as long as you're healthy?

What about calories in food?

– Someone gets a clearly unfortunate effect already when a BMI of 25 is exceeded, with others the limit is higher. BMI over 30 is associated with an increased health risk for most people, says Retterstøl.

Helmet Seed refers to studies showing that the risk of premature death increases by 6% for each BMI score, the weight is increased by.

– If a person has a BMI of 30, which is the limit for obesity, he or she has 30 percent increased risk of premature death, according to the studies. A BMI of 35 equals a 60 per cent higher risk of premature death than for the population as a whole, while a BMI of 40 gives a 90 per cent higher risk of premature death, according to a large population analysis of data from 57 population studies of nearly 900. 000 adult people, reproduced in the medical journal The Lancet in 2009, he says.

Lose up to ten years

– This corresponds to a person who has a BMI of between 30 and 35, may have two to four fewer years of life than he or she would have with normal weight. Similarly, a person who has a BMI of between 40 and 45 is able to live eight to ten years less than he or she would otherwise do, he says.

The same studies show that mortality is lowest for those who have a BMI of between 22.5 g 25, and thus in the upper half of normal weight, which is considered a BMI of 20-25.

Does not matter much

Okay to be thick as long as you're healthy?

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Although it varies how much health gain the individual gets of weighting down a few kilograms, it will not always be so much before it becomes visible, even for the health.

– In some, the pure miracles can happen only by reducing the weight by five to ten kilos. I am still experiencing people who can stop diabetes or high blood pressure because they have got rid of an unhealthy, like drinking soda daily, or because they have become more active, says Kjetil Retterstøl..

Hjelmesæth believes that for a lightweight obese person it may be so smart to increase physical activity and to eat healthy rather than counting the number of calories and reducing their intake.

However, in case of overweight obesity, studies indicate that high weight reduction after obesity surgery reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, he says.

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