Now smoke smoke comes

Will snatch the smoke out of the mouth of unsuspecting smokers.

Now smoke smoke comes

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Today, one of the most drastic anti-smoking campaigns ever in London starts. Smokers will be stopped by the smoking police on the street and will be asked to take a carbon monoxide test.

Focusing on the smokers

The smoking police will focus on smokers, including shopping malls and bus stops, to make them stumble smoke, writing the daily newspaper to Daily Mail, where the debate is already raging heavily.

Say your opinion in the comments box at the bottom of the article. Do we need smoking police in Norway?

Ealing Primary Care Trust, who has given £ 75,000 to the project, believes that they can have 2400 people quit smoking in the campaign.

Take care of aggressive smokers

11 young people should be on the go to the smokers to make them smash the smoke.

The spokesman for the project is aware that the smoke policy does not fall in good soil with all smokers and that someone can become aggressive.

They must be careful when approaching the smokers in case they become aggressive, but we are excited to see how it goes. If someone says no, they will not be forced to take a test, “says Fran Pearce.

Restock on the agenda

This is a new way to focus on smoking cessation. Many ended when smoking in public places became illegal, but the project leader believes it must be a new condolences.

– We want a smoking cessation back on the agenda, so half of our activity is about to take the message directly to the smoker, says Phil Robinson in Ealing Stop Smoking-Service, adding that the smoking police will turn to where it is most smokers.

– Nazi Version

Forest spokesman, who supports the smokers, is severely annoyed.

– This shows that the authorities believe they have the right to treat smokers just as they want – to humiliate, humiliate and make them a victim. This is the Nazi mission of weary brass bearers on the street, says Neil Rafferty.

Also, read about Americans who decide to pay people to blow the smoke.

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