Now is the peak season for these creeps

School start is high season for head lice – you’ll get rid of them.

Now is the peak season for these creeps

School start is the peak season. Hodelus are blood sucking snouts that live in the hair tightly down to the scalp.

Lice in the scalp do not transmit diseases, but may cause irritation and itchiness. Itching is an allergic reaction to the lice bites.

It may take many weeks from being infected with lice until itching begins. Hodelus is not due to bad hygiene.

How to detect them:

According to Gunhild Kile Sandvik, specialist editor in Pharmacy 1, you need to do the following to find a loop:

  • Use a fine-colored comb.
  • Be extra careful behind the ears, in the neck and upwards towards the oceans where it is most common to find eggs and lice.
  • A thorough check should take around 15 minutes.

Here’s how to do:

  1. Put a white towel over your shoulders. Lice that fall on the towel will then be easier to detect. Louseegg can be stuck at the bottom of the hair that falls off.
  2. Moisture your hair well, and use a bit of hair conditioner to make it easier for you
  3. Grasp the hair systematically until the entire head is undergone, with a gentle roof from the innermost to the hairline and all the way out of the hair. The loops will fall onto the towel or cling to the comb.
  4. Check both the towel and the comb along the way for lice and eggs.
  5. The towel and comb must be washed at 60 ºC or frozen at minimum -20 C for at least four hours to kill lice and eggs. It is important that this is done between each suit.

Three Methods

If you first found a headlamp, there are in principle three ways to get rid of them.

– either with lubricant, ie chemical treatment, with lice comb or shave off almost all hair on the head.

What is headlong?

Hodelus are small insects that live inside the scalp. They usually spread from one person to the next via head to head. Having headlessness is nothing to be ashamed of. That does not mean you are unreasonable. Hodelus does not distinguish between clean and dirty hair. Sometimes hodelus is just called “lus”. In the language of speech, the lice are called Pediculus humanus, and the state of pediculosis. The hair must touch someone else’s hair for about half a minute for the lice to infect. It’s very unlikely to get used to using someone else’s hat or pillow.

Source: Health Library

It says Åse Storfjell-Olven, a pharmacist at Vitusapotek for Klik Helse.

If lice are detected, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible.

– Only the one who has detected the loop should be treated. If several of the family have had a lice, it’s a good idea to try to treat them to the same extent that genetic mutilation is avoided, says Storfjell-Olven.

Children can continue to go to the nursery or at school when treatment has started.

1. Treatment with lubricant

In ancient Rome, urine was used as protection against lice. Today, fortunately, your own lice is available, solutions that make up hodelus.

“What works most people is called malation. Malation kills head lice. The eggs will not be killed immediately, but will not hatch if treatment is done properly and long enough “,

writes the Health Library.

– There is no need to consult a doctor or get medical advice about lice treatment, you can get it at the pharmacy, Pharmacy 1 writes.

– It is recommended to repeat the treatment because if not all lice are killed, you risk developing resistance, writes Pharmacy 1.

If you do not repeat treatment, you must comb or otherwise check that all lice are gone after a week’s time.

According to the Health Library, Malation works for 9 out of 10 people.

Painting products buy from pharmacies. You allow it to sit in your hair for twelve hours to make it work properly and the preparation has a strong and unpleasant odor.

  • Please follow the instructions carefully and complete the treatment!
  • The treatment consists of two cures performed at eight to 10 days intervals.
  • In the days after the first treatment you will find a living lice that has hatched from the eggs.
  • If the last treatment is dropped, you may not get rid of the lice.

2. Treatment with lice comb

To wet wet hair thoroughly with fine comb can remove lice. You can buy lice comb at the pharmacy.

Now is the peak season for these creeps

Therefore ladies should drop the pant

– The idea is to remove the lice and such to prevent them from laying eggs. After about two weeks all the lice should be removed, writes the Health Library.

You must comb your hair carefully every four days for at least two weeks to catch any freshly drawn lice. You should continue this until you have not found any lice in the comb at least three consecutive times.

  • Thorough and systematic drive with lice comb in wet hair can fight head lice.
  • Use a conditioner to ease your feelings and take off your scalp.
  • The event must be performed every day or every other day for 12-14 days.
  • Put a white towel over your shoulders to catch lice and eggs that loosen from your hair.
  • Use good light and preferably magnifying glass.

3. Shaving

  • Shaving the scalp to a hair length of less than 0.5 centimeter may be a topical treatment.
  • The lice do not want anything to get stuck in.

Clothes With Loops

To get rid of lice on clothes, you can either wash in warm water or freeze the clothes.

It keeps washing clothes at 60 degrees. You can put things in the freezer overnight, at least four hours, to kill lice and eggs, says Storfjell-Olven.

Now is the peak season for these creeps

LUSEKAM: Feel free to use balm to help ease the skin and get straight from the scalp. ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Thinkstock Photo: colorbox. com

– Alternatively, after about two days, lice die on furniture and play at normal room temperature, says Storfjell, Olven.

Preventive Advice Against Hodelus

  • Check children for head lice regularly at mood, usually several times a month.
  • Avoid sharing headgear, hairbrushes and the like.
  • Always check your child if there is a luse encounter in their circle, at school or in kindergarten.
  • If you feel comfortable with the child, the whole family should be investigated.
  • If the child has a loop, it is important to inform the circuit, school or kindergarten.
  • There is a spray that has a smell like a louse, but as we humans do not know. The spray can be used preventively during periods of head lice in close proximity.

Source: Pharmacy 1

Smells easily and does not disappear by itself

If you sleep next to a person with head lice, the lice can walk over the pillow and into your hair.

– You can get infected if you lie with your head until another person has a head injury, says Storfjell-Olven.

– Then the lice can creep over your head. Lice is, however, created to creep in hair, they move very badly outside the head, says Storfjell-Olven.

If you find a living lice in your hair it is important to get started with treatment as soon as possible.

It is also advisable to check the rest of the family. Hodelus spreads easily.

– Remedies have no preventive effect on infection, nor do they work against eggs that are not hatched, says Sandvik.

It’s also important to let you know your nearest circle so that they are aware of the problem, “says Sandvik..


Follow the instructions

Hodelus treatments are safe if you follow the instructions. Sometimes insecticides do not work because lice have become resistant to the chemicals. Then you must try another treatment. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you should change treatment.

Hodelus is rarely a serious problem, but can be annoying.

If you do not get rid of them, they can spread to other people.

“If you do not treat head lice, the problem will be worse as the lice grow up. Occasionally you may have a skin infection of lice when it bites, but this is rare, “writes Helsebiblioteket.

Hodelus will not go over by itself. It’s easier to get rid of them if you treat them quickly.

Hodelus is spread easily in families and schools. If you do not say anything, people will spread lusa wherever you live.

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Now is the peak season for these creeps

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Now is the peak season for these creeps

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