Now do not cook the food

The raw food trend has come to Norway. The supporters believe it should be fun to eat healthy.

Now do not cook the food

Many people have a strained relationship to eating healthy, and healthy food is linked to duty and boredom. Now there is a new popular movement within the diet called raw food.

The supporters believe eating healthy should be fun and pleasurable.

Live Food

A Norwegian word for raw food is the term: “live food” because you think the nutritional content of the food is still alive when you eat it.

The concept is to eat the food in its natural, unprocessed form. Some people only eat vegetarian, others also use meat. Some focus exclusively on nutrition, while others again focus on the food to also taste well.

Common to all of them is the idea that eating foods that are not cooked or cooked are healthier for the body. The greater the proportion of raw food you eat, the better it is for you.

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Now do not cook the food

Whole advice: Anne Madhumavi Olsen is one of the Norwegian raw food enthusiasts. Photo: Jonas Meyer

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You depend on chocolate

Easier to lose weight

Lead of junk food

Raw food movement originates from the United States, and is led by hip young people. It may take a while before such trends come to Norway, but now lately the phenomenon has begun to apply here too.

– The raw food movement is a reaction to all junk food and synthetically processed foods that have emerged in recent years. People are getting tired of this, they find that it is not good for them. They are looking for something more natural, says Anne Madhumavi Olsen, one of the Norwegian raw food enthusiasts.

More nutrition and energy

A quick search on the net reveals that raw food diets are often, but not always vegetarian. Typical foods and ingredients include salads, avocados, fruits, nuts, sprouts, algae and other organic goods that are combined in creative ways.

Anne, or Madhu, as she is called among friends, explains the concept:

– When the food is heated to 40 degrees or more, 30 to 90 percent of the nutrients disappear, in addition to the enzymes, the vital vitality of the food disappears.. When eating raw food, you supply the body with nutrition and energy instead of eating food that tarnishes the body.

Gradual Change

Madhu is heading for this type of cooking and she is very keen and interested.

Now do not cook the food

Vegetable meat for meat eaters

Daylight Sample Example

Breakfast: Superfood smoothie with berries, nuts, algae + various other ingredients according to today’s needs.

Lunch: Large colorful salad with orange and coriander dressing, guacamole and “live crispbread”

Dinner: Raw pizza, the bottom is made from vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds and oil, and dried in a dehydrator. The cheese is made of nuts. Served with pesto and olive teaspoons, tomatoes and olives, and a large salad with sprouts.

Middle meals: Green smoothie with spinach, salad, pear, lemon and sea salt.

– On the courses I focus on nutrition and pleasure. We are committed to removing all the stresses that are often associated with eating healthy. It should be based on desire and it is not dogmatic. People have eaten cooked food for many generations, it takes time to convert into a pure raw food diet. This should be done organically and gradually. If you are too strict, your motivation lasts for a long time, she smiles.

Inspires others

Madhu started experimenting with raw food five years ago.

– A friend of mine opened a RAW restaurant in India and I thought it seemed exciting. For me, the transition went slowly, only in the last two years I have lived mainly on raw food. Occasionally, I know that the body needs cooked food, and then I eat it. Now I eat about 80 percent raw food.

More swear to the trend, and one of those who have become famous to do it is American Jenna Norwood. She opposed the junk food documentary “Supersize me”. In her award winning documentary “Supercharge me” she tries raw food for 30 days. She has kept her side and inspired others to do the same.

Must take care of nutritional content

This type of diet gives a lot of energy is one of the main arguments for the raw food movement. Does this sound and is it really healthy? Nutritionist Lise Von Krogh believes that a pure vegan raw food diet can certainly work, but it is an extreme diet that requires you to get into what you eat and to match the nutritional content. If not, deficiency diseases can occur.

According to the raw food enthusiasts, finding new types of food may be quite fun.

Now do not cook the food

EKSTREM DIET: To change to vegan raw food diet, make sure you get all the nutrients you need. Photo: Jonas Meyer

– Most people discover that eating RAW is just as good and often actually better than eating processed foods. Additionally, it is fun to find that you can take unhealthy, unnatural foods and replace them with natural foods that are just as good.

Foods against lifestyle disorders

Madhu explains that, for example, white sugar can be replaced with yacon root syrup.

Several claim that one can “cure” different lifestyle diseases using a raw food diet.

For those who followed the Creator on TV 2, this phenomenon is not unknown. The winner John Døderlein went over to a pure raw food diet, saying he is cured for type 2 diabetes. Now he sells raw chocolate to the Norwegian people.

Live crispbread

And healthy chocolate is one of the things you learn to cook on Madhu’s Magic Food courses. In addition to smoothies, salads with exciting ingredients, raw bread, nut cheese, raw pizza and raw pasta.

Another word for raw food is living food because the nutritional content of the food actually lives. The bread I learn from the courses, therefore, I call “living crackle bread”. I make it of nuts, seeds, sprouts, vegetables and oil, which are dried in a drier or dehydrator on low heat.

Healthier versions

Now do not cook the food

SUNN CHOCOLATE: Raw food chocolate cake with raw cocoa and raw ground. Sweet and good without sugar Photo: Jonas Meyer

Such a dehydrator along with a food processor is typical raw food aids and replaces the traditional oven and hotplates. With these aids, the raw food supporters are finding new, healthy versions of previously unhealthy dishes. For example, pasta is made of shredded squash. Same shape and texture, but healthier and fresher.

– Raw food is fun and is a lot about creativity. The slogan of my courses is that the food takes less time to make, it’s healthier and it tastes better, Madhu smiles.

See recipes for raw food on living-foods. com.

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