Notifies new pollen type

See how to escape when Salix polls hit Easter.

Notifies new pollen type

Notifies new pollen type

– Start pollen vaccination now

Notifies new pollen type

Take a pill to pollen

Notifies new pollen type

Reducing Eyes

The polling season is already in full swing. Before the weekend, or and hassel began to spread the pollen in Eastern Norway.

Easter Startup

Around 900. 000 Norwegians have pollen allergy, most of them have birch pollen allergy.

– 20 percent of those who have birch pollen allergy also respond to or and hassel, says counselor in Norway’s Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF), Helle Grøttum, to click. no.

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Easter seems to be the great starting point for the polling season this year. Then it is nearing the end of the spread of or and hassel, but the birch pollen period is just around the corner.

As if that’s not enough, salix, an unknown pollen type for many of us, is especially fierce in this transition period.

New pollen

Salix is ​​a plant sprout where among the trees the seal, arrow and four belong. Allergists can respond to pollen from the flowers on these trees.

Read more about the plant Salix here.

Notifies new pollen type

UKJENT POLLEN: Salix is ​​a plant sprout where, among other things, the trees sell, arrow and four belong. Photo: Jens O. Kvale / Scanpix

– Salix is ​​not unknown to us, but we have not measured pollen spread from these trees earlier. The flowers on the salix trees, “goose tongues” or “cat loops”, which we gladly take to the living room on the spring, spread the pollen, says Grøttum.

Included in poll poll

It is now decided that Salix will participate in polling after NAAF received many inquiries from allergy sufferers who also had symptoms when pollen not showed spread. Many thought they responded early to the birch poll, but now they can blame Salix.

– We expect the pollen from the Salix trees to begin to spread around 14. April, but if there is a lot of good weather until Easter, we may warn the spread already in the palme weekend, says Grøttum.

Read more about Salix on NAAF’s website.

Slipping away on the mountain

Easter feast is the best place to be when the polling season breaks away completely.

Notifies new pollen type

POLLENPAUSE ON EQUIPMENT: If you are allergic, consider the mountain at Easter. Photo: Erik Veigård / Scanpix

– Getting to a greater extent on the mountain.

If you are a pollen allergist, you should start medication one week before the spread breaks out, and at the latest when you get symptoms.

Confused with cold

If you get symptoms that you have allergies on the spring, you should go to your doctor, even if you have not previously detected pollen allergy.

Many think they are cold. If you sneeze in your eyes and nose, sneeze, have runny nose and eyes, be tight in the upper respiratory tract and feel generally unplanned, it may also be allergy.

Pollen alert on mail

You can test it yourself by purchasing allergy medicine at the pharmacy. There are medicines without a prescription.

– If the medicine works, it’s not cold. You can also go to the doctor and describe the symptoms and ask for a blood test to determine if you are allergic, says Helle Grøttum.

On pollen notification. no, you can choose geographic area and what type of pollen you are allergic to and get email alert the days it’s spread.

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Notifies new pollen type

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