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Not much better than meat

Viana Prima Wurst and Viana Roast Braten versus serving salad and ham.

Not much better than meat

Not much better than meat

Top Option for Meat Meat

Not much better than meat

Soy variant is a definite winner

Not much better than meat

Hipp as happ

Not much better than meat

High quality soy product

The veggie orders are mainly based on tofu, but also contain wheat protein, almonds, rice flour and rye sugar. Prima wurst contains sunflower oil, roast brat contains both sunflower oil and palm fat – the latter is a source of saturated fat. Most of the ingredients are organic.

Servelat has a little less calories, 217 versus 260 and 268, and half as much protein. The fat content is about the same, but the proportion of saturated fat is higher in the serving diet, while the carbohydrate content is the same. Normal ham is a pure and low-calorie product (104 calories).

Conclusion: Here is possibly ham the best option nutritional – first and foremost because it’s a clean and lean meat product. But there is the choice between servings and sausages, and you can choose the vegetarian variant.


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