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NOSkito Mosquito Spray

The best mosquito repellent

NOSkito Mosquito Spray

In short:

Here’s how the points are weighted:

Do not damage plastic, laundry, etc.: The medium does not damage clothing, plastic, leather or other items. Weighted by 25%.

Odor: How does the medium smell – Comfortable, slight scent or no smell? Weighted with 25%.

Comfort: How is the mosquito repellent on the skin? Is it sticky when the medium has pulled in? Weighted with 25%.

Effect against mosquitoes: Does the mosquito repellent keep the mosquito away? Weighted by 25%.


Type: Pump spray

Amount: 100 ml

Active substance: Citridiol (6.72%)

Manufacturer Info: Keeping mosquito, knots and other biting insects away for at least six hours. Can be used with caution in children under three years. Avoid use on the hands of toddlers. Do not spray directly on the face, spray in your hand and rub the face. Avoid lips, eyes and skin that are damaged / inflamed. Limit use to twice per day. Contact a doctor if swallowed.

Do not damage laundry / plastic: 80/100

Smells: 40/100

Comfort: 80/100

Effect against mosquito: 60/100

Total: 60/100


Producer Silvalure Price 100


A mosquito bite registered during the test. Smells a mixture of chemistry and spices. As far as felt on the skin after the drug has dried in.

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