No, yellow urine is not a sign that you have drunk too little

Water demand, how much water do you need? We have watched ten myths about water.

No, yellow urine is not a sign that you have drunk too little

No, yellow urine is not a sign that you have drunk too little

Are you kidding 15 times a day and think something is wrong?

You have probably heard that you are going to drink eight glasses of water a day and may have also been told that a lot of water is essential to get rid of all the toxins in the body.

Perhaps that’s why you usually bring a water bottle when you’re out.

Check how much water you need with our calculator.

Needless to buy water

According to Sissel Overnight, urologist at the Hospitality Center, there is no need to carry water wherever you go.

“It’s unnatural that adults go with a bottle of bottles,” she says.

Overnight view also, it is absolutely unnecessary to buy water in Norway.

– Everyone has good water in the jump. The fact that we buy water for 40 kroner the literary is, in my opinion, an expression that we have too much money in this country. Remember, you should not drink water from plastic bottles that have been lying in the sun, “she says.

Need more fluid in the heat

To clarify what is true and not when it comes to watering, Sissel Overn and nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen has gone through some myths for clicks. no.

It is emphasized that this is based on healthy people who live in our climate.

– If you’re in a much warmer climate suddenly within a few hours, think about drinking enough for the body to acclimatize. The same applies if you are dealing with extreme physical exertions over time. Then it is advisable to fill with water along the way, says Overn.

Here are some of the common myths about watering:

1. It’s too late to drink when you’re thirsty


– It’s certainly not too late to drink when you’re thirsty. In line with hunger and fatigue, thirst is an all-natural experience that says something about the body’s needs. Are you thirsty, you should drink, but we do not eat and eat all day to not get hungry, nor should you drink all day to not be thirsty, says Sissel Overn.

2. Yellow urine is a sign that you have drunk little

No, yellow urine is not a sign that you have drunk too little

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– Yellow urine is normal. In the morning, the urine is more concentrated and is darker than during the day. For example, if you drink a lot of beer, the urine becomes almost water clear. This is a consequence, not a goal. Has anyone seen an animal that cleans clear urine? “Asks Sissel Overnight.

3. It is possible to drink too much water


– It means that you can drink too much water. If you drink unnaturally, you divide salts and other important substances from the bloodstream. If you drink extremely much water, it is dangerous and can also be fatal. It is better to drink water than soft drinks, but no better the more water you drink. If you drink too much water, you can also have unstable bladder and urine leakage, and you have to get up at night to pee, says Sissel Overn.

4. Water helps the body to get rid of waste materials


If you are concerned with waste materials and toxins, which you would like to be washed out of your body, you should be concerned with what you put in your mouth. On the other hand, you should not put anything in your mouth and then rinse it out with three liters of water, “says Sissel Overn.

5. You must drink more when exercising


No, yellow urine is not a sign that you have drunk too little

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– It’s natural that we drink more when we exercise. We lose fluid when we sweat and then we become thirsty. However, there are few that sweat more liters so you do not have to overdo it. You do not have to drink along the way if you work half an hour and you do not have to drink before exercising unless you’re thirsty, says Sissel Overn.

6. You must drink two liters of water every day


– It is more accurate to say that most people need around two liters of water per day. However, parts of this liquid may come from moist foods you eat, such as cooked pasta, rice and fruit. It is also individual how much fluid each of us needs. This depends, among other things, on the size of the body, humidity and climate where you are staying, and in addition it matters how much you exercise and sweat, “says Therese F. Mathisen.

7. You must drink more water if you drink a lot of tea. Tea is like diuretic


– Caffeinated drinks, such as black and green tea, coffee, soft drinks with caffeine and so-called energy drinks, seem mildly dehydrating. It is therefore advisable to compensate for a little extra fluid intake, says Therese F. Mathisen

8. Breast, juice and other beverages can not count in the total fluid intake. You must also drink water


– It does not work. All liquid and moist foods count in terms of fluid intake, says Therese F. Mathisen.

9. You get tired of drinking a lot of water


No, yellow urine is not a sign that you have drunk too little

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– No, you do not, but you fill your stomach so you feel satisfied. Perhaps there may be limited eating and overeating, and with more reasonable food intake and reasonable serving sizes you will be able to notice it, “says Therese F. Mathisen.

10. Water gives you energy


– No, water does not give energy. It is only food and drink with carbohydrates, proteins or fats that give energy. Water may seem vital because a dehydrated body works very badly both mentally and physically, but a well-hydrated body is no longer energetic by even more water, “says Therese F. Mathisen.



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