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“No serious research shows that detoxification works

Detox can at best give the same effect as a round of sickness.

"No serious research shows that detoxification works

There is no serious research showing that detoxectors work, so I can not see any good reasons for doing such a cure, says nutrition professor at the University of Oslo Christian A. Devon.

According to Devon, nothing is flushed out during such a course that the body is unable to fix itself, but despite the lack of research results, many of us spend a lot of money on such products.

– Many are looking for quick, cheap and easy-to-use lurium cures. Probably due to this a combination of lack of knowledge and that they read too much weekly leaflet, says the nutrition professor.

Great promises

A detox cake consist usually of herbal extracts or tea products that you spend a couple of days or a week.

At the same time, one is to be partially fixed, and following the recipe, it is promised good and good results.

The cows promise to clean your body for a lot of waste and environmental issues and will also give you a sense of cleanliness and ease. Had they just worked like that, “says nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen.

Got sick of too much water

English Dawn Page became seriously ill after prolonged water detox.

The reason should have been that too much water rinsed vital salts out of her body.

"No serious research shows that detoxification works

BLEAKING AS DETOX: Your body should be able to cope with delivery if you add plenty of healthy food. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox

Under normal circumstances, do not need more than 30 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight every day.

For this reason, you are more tired of detoxification:

  • Herbs appear diuretic
  • You drink more than anything
"No serious research shows that detoxification works

Is red wine really healthy and you get high cholesterol of eggs?

Feels cleaned

She believes that the sense of purity, reduced weight and increased profit that comes with a detox can be compared to the experience you have after a round of sickness.

– You’re empty inside and feel just cleaned. There is not much left, she says.

According to Mathisen, however, the heavy metals and environmental poisons are not yet paid off. They are essentially fat-soluble substances, which means they are stored in the fat in the body.

In addition, some substances are stored in the skeleton and in tissues as internal organs.

– Should these substances get out of the body, you need to get the fat in circulation so that they are released again, she says.

diuretic herbs

Taking a herbal extract usually means that you need to pee a lot, and this is a sign that the cure works.

Then you see that the excretion of the waste materials has started.

– The truth is that the herbs, like tea and coffee, are diuretic and increase urine production. Often you are also asked to drink a lot of food through the cure and this will also cause you to cough more, she says.

Fixed or detox may help you to kick start your diet, but the environment will remain in your body..

Therese F. Mathisens best detoxtips:

Eat fiber-rich

Choose coarse bread, oatmeal and vegetables

Drink water

Get plenty of water every day. Certainly two liters, plus a half to one liter extra on workouts

Train regularly

The sweat and physical appearance work cleansing skin, combustion and the mental

"No serious research shows that detoxification works

Therefore you should not eat too little

They only settle in fat, and can not actually be separated with the urine water.

Cleans only the intestines

– If the detoxification leads to a larger stool or diarrhea, this also gives a sense of cleansing. The only thing that is cleansed is still the bowel, says the nutritionist.

Substances that are inside your body can not get into the intestines.

– And if you want such a cleansing effect on your intestine, you do not really need a detox. You can do it in a much more comfortable way by getting more dietary fiber through increased intake of vegetables and coarse cereal products or by eating foods that increase your need for needles. Roses, dried apricots and flax seeds are typical examples of such foods, she says.

Detox with side effects

However, environmental damage is worse, and there are also few medical ways to remove these substances on.

– However, this can be done under medical supervision, not at regular health and beauty clinics, but side effects are powerful and you often get bad during treatment. Probably, it also causes more damage to force the substances out of the body than it allows them to be stored passively in the tissues, Mathisen believes.

Complicated system

Neither physician nor dietician Fedon Lindberg is a big fan of various detoxics.

The body’s detoxification system is very advanced and is dependent on a variety of nutrients from the food for optimal functioning.

Food that has a positive effect on the body’s detoxification system:

  • Most vegetables, but especially cabbage, onion family and green vegetables
  • Algae like chlorella and spirulina
  • Whey Protein
  • Protein in general
  • Antioxidant foods like spices, herbs, coffee, tea, berries and fruit

Source: Fedon Lindberg

"No serious research shows that detoxification works

Therefore you should drop the meat dough

– The body needs a well functioning detoxification system that includes liver, kidneys, skin, lungs and bowel, and it needs it all the time. Not only as a short cure sometimes, “Lindberg says.

Get good habits

Therefore, he believes it is important to ensure that the body’s own detox system works optimally every single day.

It does not help with a short cure if you afterwards brush on toxins in the form of, for example, smoke and deep-fried foods.

– There are good habits in everyday life in relation to diet and lifestyle, which can help the body’s detoxification system, he says.

By adding plenty of vegetables, fruits, berries and protein, you easily make a good effort for the body’s waste system.

Customized treatment

If you wonder how it is inside the body, according to Lindberg, there are good tests that can test both levels of load with heavy metals and more common pollutants.

– You can also investigate the body’s ability to get rid of these drugs and, with the help of this result, tailor the necessary treatment. This is far better than home-grown and slightly thought-out trend cures, he says.

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