New protection against HIV

Women can soon protect themselves from HIV infection if a new contraceptive is proven to be effective.

New protection against HIV

New protection against HIV

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New protection against HIV

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The contraceptive is a vaginal ring that not only prevents pregnancy but also releases an antiviral drug that will stop the HIV virus.

Releases antivirus

The ring works through forming a sticky thickening at the top of the vagina, a thickening that releases anti-virus agents throughout the menstrual cycle.

According to the developer, the ring contains none of the contraceptive hormones that have previously been shown to increase the occurrence of breast and cervical cancer.

On the market in three years

Prevention ring stops HIV virus effectively in laboratory trials, but has not yet been attempted on humans. Every year, five million people are infected with HIV worldwide and three million die annually by AIDS.

If attempts with the new contraceptive ring show that it provides approximately 100 percent protection, it may be on the market within three years.

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