Most adults have eyebrows

The eyelids and hair follicles are a cause of dry eyes.

Most adults have eyebrows

Many, young and old, struggle with dry eyes. But did you know that there may be mites that are the cause of discomfort in your eyes?

– The majority of adult people have hair loss sickness, and the incidence is gradually increasing with age, “says Erik Robertstad, optician associated with Interoptik.

According to Robertstad, the hair follicle center was discovered many decades ago, but it is only in recent years that the connection between middle and dry eyes has become apparent.

He says that the hair follicle middle is a nightlife that lives down in the follicle, and comes out on the eyelid edge at night where they grow up, make lumps and lay waste.

Some of the hard black lumps you pick away from the eyelash are waste after dead mites, he says.

Liver of skin residues and fat

It must be allowed to think that the middle sounds pretty nasty.

– Midd is a type of parasite. The hair follicle is made of skin residues and fat and is from 0.1-0.5 mm long. The hair follicle center lives in the hair follicle for both animals and humans. If you have domestic animals, there is a greater occurrence of middle than in pets without pets, explains Robertstad.

It’s not possible to see the middle with the naked eye, but you can see the trash it’s left like small lumps or crusts.

– In people where it has gone too far and the eyelid has become red and irritated, in a good mirror, like a makeup mirror, you can see waste and small lumps. When we opticians pick a little on the lumps or crusts along the eyelid edge, we can see the tail to the middle of the microscope, “says Robertstad.

Major issues with older

– As you grow older, the middle will increase in number, and when they grow up enough they will create a problem. They can be a root cause of chronic ocular inflammation, and we find the middle of a large proportion of those who wear dry eyes daily, “he says..

Most adults have eyebrows

HAIR DISEASES AND DRYING EYES: Most people have midsection at the eyelid. But as you grow older, the middle will increase in number, and when they grow up enough they will create a problem. Here we see the eggs in the middle enlarged. Photo: Erik Robertstad.

Why anyone gets more of them than others, believes he may have eye hygiene to do.

– I have no coverage in research, it’s only an observation I’ve made. However, women who have a regular routine on the removal of makeup look better than people who do not make up.

– When you remove the makeup you simultaneously erase skin cells and fat, thus removing some of the life base in the middle, “he says.

Good Eye Hygiene

– For most people it will be good enough eye hygiene to wash well around the eyes and on the eyelid. If you use a lot of make-up like eyeliner on the rim of the eyelid edge, be sure to remove the makeup before you go down, “says Hans Torvald Haugo, Secretary General and Head of Department of the Norwegian Opticians Association.

It is also possible to buy products to clean your eyelid.

– And if you’re very bothered you can go to the optician to get advice on how to scrub the eyelid, “he says..

Who is cheating with dry eyes?

– Dry eyes are an increasing problem. It is adults, but not necessarily older, who are most bothered. Those who sit a lot at the pc and are much indoors are more bothered than others, says Haugo.

Eye disorders:

  • Gray Storks
  • Networking Solution
  • Green star
  • Transparency
  • Myopia
  • Age-longevity
  • Eye Path
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Eyelid Inflammation
  • Inflammation of the toe gland
  • Eye Cataract
  • Inflammation Inflammation
  • Diabetic retinal lesion
  • Dense toe channels
  • Herpes simplex eye infection
  • Corneal Inflammation
  • Regeneration
  • Skeling
  • Vision inflammation

The heelseksikon. no

Most adults have eyebrows

– It was a sadness, but also a relief, to get a diagnosis

He emphasizes that there are also many diseases that can cause dry eyes, such as rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and sea border syndrome.

– Several types of medicine can cause dry eyes. There are also examples that medicine has given an allergic reaction to the body that has destroyed the entire tear system, “said Haugo.

– It’s important to keep in mind that dry eyes can be perceived as very annoying for those who have it, without necessarily being visible to others, “he says..

Dry Eyes Symptoms

About 20-30 percent of cases with dry eyes are due to reduced tear production. It can be due to various diseases such as rheumatism. However, about 70 to 80 percent of those who have dry eyes have no impaired tear production. This is because the fat in the eye does not work well enough.

A skilled optician will be able to determine if the plagues are mainly due to impaired tear production or whether it is the ophthalmic glandular glands that do not work properly. If the dry eyes are due to the latter, the optician will routinely examine the eyelid edge to look for signs of inflammation and mites, says Robertstad.

The most common symptoms of dry eyes are runny eye, eye swelling, soreness or debris in the eye, redness and irritation.

– A few will say that it is burning or hot, and some increase light sensitivity.

What does it help?

Since the cause of dry eyes varies, it will of course also vary what kind of treatment that helps.

But the technology for investigating dry eyes has developed dramatically in recent years. While we gave the same type of eye drops a few years ago, individual follow-up and treatment are now available, “said Haugo..

Berit Kjøniksen (72) uses eye drops made from his own blood. Both drops and ointments are available.

– In addition, proper eyelid hygiene is topical treatment, as well as various types of heat treatment of the eyelids. Eyelid massage can also help someone, and if it’s inflammation they will be in the medical field, “he says..

Be aware of blinking

There is much you can do to prevent dry eyes. Robertstad encourages to be aware of the fact that it is often blinking.

– We blink less when we concentrate. And there is a broad consensus that the blink rate goes down very much when sitting on PC, tablet and mobile.

– Make a rule that you blink every time you press space or enter.

He recommends that both young and adults sitting in front of the screen take a short break every 20 minutes.

Other things that can affect dry eyes are the indoor climate, and Robertstad recommends increasing the humidity in the room you are in, if you have the option.

– You can also lower your screen a bit. With the look facing downwards, there will be less opening and there will thus be a smaller area of ​​the surface of the eye as evaporator.

– Take a trip out into the fresh air if you sit a lot in front of your pc can also help to avoid dry eyes, Haugo adds.



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