Health food

More calories, healthier fat

Tofutti sour supreme versus lettrims.

More calories, healthier fat

More calories, healthier fat

Healthy alternative to the healthiest meat

More calories, healthier fat

A little leaner, somewhat healthier

More calories, healthier fat

More fiber, healthy fat and energy

More calories, healthier fat

Like fattening, but so healthy

Vegetable variant of cream based on cold-pressed soybean oil, palm oil and olive oil – and also contains maltodextrin carbohydrates, as well as soy protein, tofu, milk-free lactic acid and sugar.

Although the Sour Supreme contains more calories than light currents (279 vs. 200), the saturated fat content is much smaller. Looking at the energy distribution, it appears that vegetarian straw gets over 40% of carbohydrate and half-fat calories.

In light currents, fat contributes nearly 90% of the calories, of which saturated fat accounts for 54%.

Conclusion: If you want to cut down on the saturated fat in your diet, you can choose Sour Supreme rather than Lightning.


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