Today’s suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack for you as a coach.


Breakfast: Blueberry smoothie

Lunch: Pasta salad with bacon bacon

Dinner: Burritos with lentils and feta cheese

Two snacks or supper suggestions :

Toast from

1.5 dl cottage cheese with 5-10 chopped almonds and 1 dl pickled fruit (pear, orange, apple, mango or mandarin)

Good morning Norway, TV 2

Blueberries Smoothie

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To 1 serving

2 dl Yogurt

2 dl Blueberries, frozen

1 dl Blueberries


Astrid Hals

Pasta salad with bacon bacon

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For 4 servings

8 slices of Spekeskinke

500g Pasta

1 tsp Salt

0.5 pc Lemon

3 pcs of tomato

100 g Ruccola

1 pc Mozzarella

0.5 ts Pepper, grated

2 tablespoons Olive oil, extra virgin

Linnea Press

Burritos with lentils and feta cheese

Spinach, lentils, apricots and feta cheese are good and exciting filling in these gratin burritos rolls.

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For 4 servings

250 g spinach

1 dl Lens, red

1 piece of Onions

3 cloves of garlic

Olive oil

1.5 tsp Spoonful, painted

1.5 ts Oregano

1 dl Apricot

200 g Feta cheese


Pepper, black and freshly recycled

6 pcs Tortilla

1.5 dl Cheese

1 piece of red onions

4 pcs of tomato

1 piece of chili, red

Olive oil



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