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– Modern mosquitoes are so effective that it’s far between every sting!

The best mosquito repellent

Here’s how the points are weighted:

Do not damage plastic, laundry, etc.. : It is not stated that the agent does damage clothing, plastic, leather or other items. Weighted with 25%.

Odor: How does the medium smell – Comfortable, slight scent or no smell? Weighted with 25%.

Comfort: How is the mosquito repellent on the skin? Is it sticky when the medium has pulled in? Weighted with 25%.

Effect against mosquitoes: Does the mosquito repellent keep the mosquito away? Weighted with 25%.

- Modern mosquitoes are so effective that it's far between every sting!

Quiz: Are you ready for the ticks?

The testing of mosquitoes became less painful than feared. Modern mosquito repellent is so effective that it’s far between every sting! Everyone works – what determines what you choose to use is what active substances you want to expose your body to. For as known: Everything that works also has a side effect.

For this test, carried out by the magazine Villmarksliv, we have chosen mosquito repellent that can be applied directly to the skin as well as agents that can be applied to clothes as well. Mosquito repellent intended for laundry / equipment is not included.

A good rule may be that mosquitoes are used when clothes and mosquito nets are not enough to keep the mosquito away. Spray in one hand and apply it to apply the agent to the body. When using roll-on, it pays to rub the medium well after application – a “strip” on the arm is not enough!

If you are allergic to insect bites, you should at least make sure to lubricate properly. You may not get allergic shock, but you can easily get rash and itching!


The winner of the test is Care Plus Anti Insect Sensitive. The others who stand out in the test, with one point away from the test winner, are Etono Mosquito Spray, Autan Tropical, Mosquito Mosquito and Sawyer Insect Repellent..

The perfect mosquito repellent

The perfect mosquito repellent has a long effect against mosquitoes and other biting insects as well as ticks. It does not irritate the skin, feel comfortable and has no annoying smell. It does not damage clothing (bleaching, staining, waving of the fibers) or plastic, and can withstand glaucoma and sweating without losing effect. Last but not least, it should be chemically stable and non-toxic. As of today, it is the active ingredient Picaridin that meets most of these requirements.

This is ok to know about the active substances.

How is the test done

The test has been carried out in June to August 2014 with mosquitoes purchased in May 2014. The test area was located at a lush pond / wetland area with old pine forests. The test is done on the arms and legs with the rest of the body covered. With a lot of mosquito in the air, arms and legs were applied to a smooth layer of mosquito repellent. If the hands had to be used to apply the mosquito repellent, disposable gloves were used, so that a mosquito repellent should not spread on the test surfaces for the next mosquito repellent.

- Modern mosquitoes are so effective that it's far between every sting!

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The mosquito test lasted 24 hours between each round for arms and legs to be without repercussions from the previous round.

As a reference, an arm was not smeared with mosquito repellent. This to check that the mosquitoes were not scared off by the smell of all mosquitoes. It certainly did not and the untreated arm / leg got an average of 15 strikes in half an hour. Test periods were 30 minutes and all mosquito activity was noted. All agents were tested 2 x 30 minutes on two arms and two legs. Each mosquito was therefore tested for two hours on the skin. On cold evenings with wind and little mosquito we conducted no tests.

Our Score Scale

100. TOP CLASS: Unique product of absolute top quality. Refrain from tops with today’s technology.

90. EXCELLENT: Excellent quality and function. Meet even high expectations.

80. VERY GOOD: Very good product. No clear shortcomings / weaknesses. Far above the cut.

70. GOOD: Good product with good qualities, but with some improvement potential.

60. SATISFACTORY: Satisfactory product, but there are some shortcomings / weaknesses.

50. WORKS: Product functions, but it has significant shortcomings / weaknesses.

40. LITE SATISFACTORY: A little satisfactory product with poor function and significant shortcomings.

30. CONTROL UNNA: Steer clear of this product – badly suited for demanding field use. Far below the cut.

20. HÅPLØST: Hopeless product that does not work as expected and with extensive and serious shortcomings.

10. UEGNET: Not suitable for field use. May be directly dangerous and satisfy a few of the requirements that should be made.



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