Milk and juice can make you fat

Here are the calorie bombs you’re in. See the chart.

Milk and juice can make you fat

Milk and juice can make you fat

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Milk and juice can make you fat

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Milk and juice can make you fat

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Milk and juice can make you fat

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It’s not just beer and colorful umbrella drinks that give you a lot of calories.

Lettuce contains almost as many calories as regular soda with sugar. Milkshake almost doubles.


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Do not overdo juicering

Even juice contains a ton of calories.

– A glass of juice a day is enough. You can also swap juice with milk on weekdays and enjoy yourself with juice this weekend, says nutritionist Lise von Krogh.

Juice and soda = equal calories

– Orange juice has more calories than soft drinks. Why should you choose juice?

– Brus has only sugar in it, and we do not need it anymore in pure form, we get in ourselves as it is. And when we first drink sodas, we rarely take a glass, we usually drink a pint. Juice contains C vitamins, other vitamins and beneficial antioxidants, says von Krogh.

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Drinking a meal a day

Even if you choose healthier alternatives, you may drink calories equivalent to a large or small meal a day.

Milk and juice can make you fat

LATTER: You can treat yourself to a coffee latte, but do not use whole milk and sprinkle too much sugar on. Photo: Crestock

If you drink a coffee latte with plain milk, two glasses of extra light milk and a glass of orange juice, you have already received 225 kcal. It is equivalent to a small meal.

– This you can treat yourself to during a day, but be careful not to use whole milk in the coffee and do not drink sugar, advise the nutritionist.

If you add a pint of soda a day (203 Kcal), you have drank calories equivalent to a whole meal.

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Beer and umbrella

– If you struggle to lose weight, you can achieve a lot by cutting out a lot of calories, especially sugary drinks. In summer you can think about how often beer is being taken in the park, umbrella drinks in the evenings and icecream that all contain many calories, says von Krogh.

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Motivates noise suction

The expert says that it is individual how easy it is to get rid of a lot of soda or other drinks with a lot of sugar. But for many, it helps to exercise and to eat healthy food regularly.

We often drink soda when we are hungry or are sucked on something. If we have a healthy diet with even blood sugar, it is easier to refrain from noise.

Treat yourself more if you exercise

If you think that cutting calories drops your life, there is a solution.

– Train more. Then you can treat yourself to something extra without putting on you, “says the nutritionist.

One of the best drinks after a hard workout is actually chocolate milk because it contains sugar and protein.


Calories (Kcal) are given per glass (1.5 dl) and are in brackets.


Sugar Sugar ( 61)

Milk and juice can make you fat

Juice and soda have almost as many calories, but juice gives you vitamins and antioxidants. However, it is not smart to drink a lot of juice every day. Photo: Crestock

Brush, light (0)


Culture milk, the foam (50)

Skim milk (51)

Light milk, extra light, 0.7% (57)

Biola, sour milk, natural (66)

Lettuce 1.5% (69)

Biola, sour milk, blueberry, skinny (89)

Culture milk, sour milk (94)

Chocolate milk, Litago (95)

Shok milk (97)

Whole milk (99)

Milkshake, strawberry flavor (109)


Coffee, the pie, boiled (0)

Lettuce coffee lettuce 1.5% (46)

Juice, Juice and Smoothie

Tomato Juice (30)

Currant syrup, drinkable (61)

Household juice, drinkable (64)

Eplenectar (64)

Orange juice (65)

Eplemost (65)

Grape juice (71)

Tine Smudi Red Fruit (73)

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