Matting can cause major damage

These injuries are most common for snowmobiling.

Matting can cause major damage

When there’s a lot of snow, it’s too much necessary to snow snow.

Also for older and unpaid people.

– This leads to several cases of acute myocardial infarction and chest pain in a short period of time, says cardiologist at Volvat Kjell Ingar Pettersen.

70 percent of those who have a heart attack have severe chest pain that lasts for at least 20 minutes.

Deficiency in the pulmonary artery

Several studies have shown increased incidence of acute myocardial infarction or sudden death triggered by heavy physical activity like snow shooting, and hospitalization due to chest pain after a snowy weather is also not uncommon.

Especially when the snow is wet.

– Pain in the chest in connection with snow shooting can also be due to things other than the heart. The most common is overload or damage to the skeletal muscle or connective tissue, but shortage of the main pulmonary artery can occur in this type of activity, he says..

More often than men

– Comparing people with acute myocardial infarction in conjunction with snowmobiling with others with acute myocardial infarction, finds that there are no differences in the two groups considering common risk factors such as high age, high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol levels. cardiologist.

Studies, however, show that people with infarcts associated with snow shooting have a much more frequent tendency for early heart disease in their family.

Cardiologist’s Snowmobile Tips:

  • Do not lift heavier than what’s comfortable
  • Leave the job to others if you are older or in very bad physical form
  • Be extra careful when the snow is wet
  • Stop immediately if you have chest aches, heavy breathing or heartbeat
  • Call your doctor if you have chest pain and 113 if the plagues are acute

Source: Cardiologist Kjell Ingar Pettersen

Matting can cause major damage

10 signs of heart fibrillation

– There was also a tendency for a higher incidence of known heart disease or angina in people who had a heart attack in connection with snow shooting, cardiologist Pettersen added.

And there are much more men than women who are affected, but women are at greater risk than men to have a so-called atypical or dumb heart attack.

Not everyone is experiencing the typical chest pain. Many may have unspecific symptoms such as pain in the jaw and neck, tiredness and general feeling of feeling unwell. Instead of thinking about a heart attack, one may think that you only have the flu, states Secretary General Frode Jahren at the National Association for Cardiovascular Disease (LHL).

Beware of wet snow

Nevertheless, it is not the case that all older and unpaid should cheer in when the first snow falls.

– Most of us, including people who have been through a heart attack, can easily sweep away easily. Getting rid of larger amounts of wet snow is, however, very strenuous and it may require all our capacity, “says Pettersen..

Therefore, we should always take care not to take heavier promises than what is comfortable, especially those who have had heart disease.

But neither those who are used to exercise should exert more than they usually do when exercising, he says.

Call 113 with severe pain

If you have heart disease or are in very poor physical condition, your doctor recommends that you leave the wet snow to others.

And if you dig yourself, take the signals your body gives seriously.

– If you experience discomfort like pain, heavy breathing or palpitations, one should stop and let the rest of the snow lie. If it is not obvious that one has got a kink or similar, my advice is to seek out the custody of a check, “he says..

Physiotherapist’s best tips for avoiding back injury after snow shooting:

  • Be warm and take your time
  • Think of it as a training
  • Work systematically and take breaks
  • Avoid rapid movements and excessive twisting of the back
  • Use your legs! Bend the knees and make sure the strain goes through the legs and not the back
  • Keep your back straight and do not stay overcome.
  • Use snowbags in larger areas

Source: Physiotherapist and Osteopath Vibeke Koren

Matting can cause major damage

Check if you have a dangerous heartbeat

If your pain is strong or breathing significantly heavier than usual, you should call 113.

– In such situations it’s only a serious mistake you can make, and it’s getting home at home longer than you should, “says Pettersen..

More and more are calling 113, but for many of us it’s far from calling the ambulance. Sometimes you should not actually wait until your doctor returns to work the next morning.

Examples of symptoms that can not wait until the next day are breathing problems and chest pain.

As a workout

The heart is not the only part of the body to get through when the snow is to be removed from the driveway.

The body can also get really stiff, stumble and bad.

– Snowmobiling can be compared to waking up the next morning after the first workout for several months, but when you’re snowing it’s out in cold weather and without heating, says physiotherapist and osteopath at Stavanger Sports Clinic, Vibeke Koren.

Overloads the muscles

The body is not prepared for what is going to come.

Many people are inactive in their daily lives, and then the physical strain comes suddenly.

– In addition, snow-shooting repeats a heavy and unprecedented movement many times. The body then reacts with everything from a barrier to acute pain. It simply responds to an overload of the muscles, she says.

Good warming improves the interaction between the nerve and muscle so that transport of nutrients and oxygen into the muscle goes faster and the muscles and tendons become more tense.

May be prolapsed

Matting can cause major damage

LITTLE HELP: If you have known heart disease, you should let others take care of the snow shooting. Or maybe it’s time to acquire a tool that makes the job easier. Photo: Illustration photo: Colorbox

– Often, snow shooting involves a long weight arm with rotation of the back and neck, and if the body is not used to it, you can have a stretch or muscle spasm, that is, cramping in the muscles. Then locks also joints in the back and neck, “says Koren.

Matting can cause major damage

Seven Signs You Need Emergency Help

This is what we like to be called kink. A painful, but fortunately completely harmless state.

– In the most serious cases, someone sees a prolapse after the snow shooting, but this is fortunately unusual, she says.

Can be prevented

The consolation is, therefore, that most bumps in the back and neck after snow shooting are harmless.

It does not mean, of course, that it does not hurt and the best thing you can do for yourself and your body is therefore to prevent the plagues as well as possible..

Some of the best tips to prevent such ailments are to make sure you’re warm, take your time and think of the snowboat as a workout, “she says..

Matting can cause major damage

Five exercises that remove the back pain

Ibux and ice

And if your accident should be out, take some extra care of yourself and your painful back.

– If you get hurt in your back, you can add ice cream and possibly take an ibux. You should try to keep in easy motion. It is often much better than settling down and can actually solve the problem faster, “she says.

If you feel that you need help with the ailments, a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor can help you through the acute phase and give you guidance on how to avoid such ailments in the future.

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