Lost two friends in substance abuse

“It’s just so unimaginably sad,” says Christine Koht about the loss of the echoes.

Lost two friends in substance abuse

TV Action Against Rest

The Blue Cross television campaign will help children and young people suffering from adult substance abuse in and outside Norway. The funds collected will be to establish necessary offers for children of drug addicts – measures that would not be realized without the means of the TV campaign.

If you are affected by someone else’s or your substance abuse, and would like help, call 800 87 944.

The operation will take place on NRK1 October 19th.

Do you want to be a kidney bearer? Call 02025 or visit www.tvaksjonen.no for more information.

– She was my first lesbian girlfriend. I talked a lot with her before she died and realized that it went bad. But I would never have thought that it would end as tragic as it did. I’m still thinking a lot about this girl. It’s just so unimaginably sad, says Christine Koht.

Happy Blue Cross

She had no doubts about being an ambassador for this year’s TV campaign, where revenues went to the Blue Cross.

– It came straight from the heart. As a matter of fact, the problem of russia has been my fan case for many years. I am very fond of Blue Cross and what this organization stands for. If I can use my voice for something significant, yes, I will do it with pleasure, she smiles.

Unnecessary death

Christine has also experienced losing a very good friend.

– He died on the couch of my very best friend. He simply fell asleep; both alcohol and other things. A terrible and unnecessary death, I mean. A nice mom lost her good boy so far too early.

Christine gets a sad move over her face. It’s a bit unusual to see her like that. The lady that most of us associate with laughter-waving replies and freaking comments, now talks with the voice of voice. She tells her that she was very provocative during the youth and that she began to party early. Only in the 20’s did Koht take a settlement with himself and his own drinking culture.

She is not a detention person, but rarely drinks and preferably as little as possible.

Lost two friends in substance abuse

NATURAL RUSSIA: Christine Koht has a colorful personality and is often taken to be drunk at a party even if she has not been drinking. Photo: Kyrre Lien / Scanpix

– People think I’m “hard in bottles” at parties and so on. I may feel a little bit tired, says Koht.

Right from the heart

Christine Koht was pleased to be asked to be ambassador for this year’s TV campaign.

– I do not know anyone who does not have anyone in the family or the circle of friends who struggle with substance abuse. Nevertheless, this is something we rarely talk about because we experience it as very bullied. It’s just as easy to relate to hunger disasters on the other side of the globe and give money to them, precisely because it’s not about ourselves or our closest, “Koht says.


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