Lose weight without stress and diet

Gro Håvi (47) lost weight without slimming or major lifestyle changes. Read how it is possible.

Lose weight without stress and diet

Lose weight without stress and diet

10 tips for a healthier and slimmer diet

Lose weight without stress and diet

Eat free from stress

Lose weight without stress and diet

Healthier Cakes

Forget cures with hunger and sour mines. It’s possible to get slimmer, without being on a diet.

Small changes can make you many kilos easier, without big sacrifices.

Tobarnsmor Gro Håvi (47) went down five kilos in eight weeks, even with extensions along the way.

It’s simply about eating smartly.


– If you refuse yourself things you really want, it will not be fun in the long run. To lose weight without noticing it, first of all, you must eat well and make some smart changes and changes, says nutritionist Gunn Helene Arsky in Bama.

Take the time for help

Lose weight without stress and diet

EXPERT: Nutritionist Gunn Helene Arsky at Bama. Photo: Bama

Even small changes will appear on the weight over time.


– Do you eat a slice of two slices of plain yellow cheese every day, you want to go down almost a kilo in a year, if you replace the cheese with a half-fat yellow cheese. If you eat a fruit yoghurt everyday and replace it with a 0.1% fat yoghurt, you will lose three kilograms in weight over a year, promises Ellen-Margrethe Hovland, clinical nutrition physiologist at the Disease Office for Dairy Products.

Good time is important when you want to lose weight and stay there, according to the experts.

All research shows that the body must lose the kilos at a slow pace so as not to shut down the combustion.

Going down half to one kilo a week is absolutely perfect.

Lose weight without stress and diet

EXPERT: Nutritionist Ellen-Margrethe Hovland at the Information Office for Dairy Products. Photo: milk. com

– There is a much greater chance that the kilos will not return and you will have time to establish your new habits, Arsky believes.

Be aware

When you want to lose weight but are not willing to sacrifice too much, the best solution is to move more while tightening on the little things in your everyday life.

– It’s really a matter of becoming aware of their habits and getting rid of the worst hardships. Like eating and dining while making dinner or allowing it to take a long time between meals so you eat absolutely wrong when you first eat, Cathrine Borchsenius, clinical nutrition physiologist, is familiar with the TV 2 program ” Healthy and good ».

Find the motivation

Helene Aure, nutritionist at the 4M clinic, thinks the toughest job is done before you start.

– It’s at the forefront to find the motivation to make changes that you have the toughest job. When you get started with a healthier lifestyle, the feeling of well-being and the increased energy make it feel like no sacrifice.

Found the welcome weight

Lose weight without stress and diet

EXPERT: Clinical Nutrition Physiology, Cathrine Borchsenius. Photo: Morten Bendiksen

– I usually eat five to six meals a day and have never thought that I’m on a diet, says Gro Håvi.

– The secret is to eat enough normal diet, often enough.

There is no hocus pocus.

Last summer, the grandmother’s mother decided to do something about the weight.

Lose weight without stress and diet

EXPERT: Nutrition Physiologist Helene Aure Photo: 4M Clinics

– Even though I was training, the weight showed an increasing curve, she says.

Gro had previously tried both supplements and low calorie diets, and although it worked in the short term, she always gained weight again after a while.

No upheavals

Gro found the help she needed when she enrolled in a course by Sprek & Lett på Lillestrøm.

A diet course that does not focus on calorie counting or time-long course nights with conversations around a table.

– Each session started with an hour’s training, and then we talked a little about the diet afterwards, explains Gro.

She insisted that she has not made big changes in her daily life.

– I’ve just become more aware, she believes.

Among other things, awareness has led her to replace plain pasta and rice with full grain varieties.

Lose weight without stress and diet

TRAINING GUIDE: Rocking has made comeback, and Gro lost several centimeters around the waist when she admitted ten minutes of training every night. Photo: Anne Elisabeth Næss

Lose weight without stress and diet

KNEKKEBRØD: Gro bakes the breadbreads themselves. Then she is sure that they will be both rough and good. Photo: Anne Elisabeth Næss

Meat dough has been replaced with carbonate dough.

Fat cream is replaced with kesam, and in the refrigerator she has only lightweight finishes.


Gro bake its own crispbread and mix healthy cereals.

– I have been careful about sauces and gravy with vegetables. It fills up the stomach, Gro says.

Weekends are often difficult when you’re going to slim, but what’s so nice at Sprek & Lett is that it’s allowed to get out a day a week. For me, it usually meant a couple of glasses of wine both friday and saturday – and maybe some chocolate. I still lost weight, says Gro.

Fun exercise

She has continued to work out, and sets off for three hours to sweat every week.

– I exercise both strength and fitness. It varies slightly what I do, but it must be fun. It’s alfa omega when it comes to exercise, says Gro.

Currently, it’s mostly cycling and rocking.

– I’m using the rocker for ten minutes a day. They say you can not spot light, but I’ve lost several centimeters around the waist after I started with that, Gro writes.

Her small but effective conversions have also helped the cohabitant to keep the weight.

– You often know what a healthy diet consists of, but it helps to have something handy and someone who tells you about it sometimes.

Save 700 calories

It will not be easier.



2 glasses of milk

50 grams of garlic

30 grams of cream cheese

4 slices of salami

2 tablespoons of jams

50 grams of butter

1 cup of plain yoghurt

0.5 liters of cola

2 glasses of skim milk

50 grams of light white cheese

30 grams of light brown cheese

3 slices of ham

2 tablespoons light jam

30 grams of white light

1 cup of 0.1% yogurt

0.5 liters of coke light

= 1350 kcal

= 650 kcal

(Source, Table: Gunn Helene Arsky)

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