Lettosten is not the easiest

No, it’s not a carrot cake. Check the list of cheeses with least fat.

Lettosten is not the easiest

Cheese selection increases. In particular, the selection of cheeses that are variants of well-known brands, but with a lower fat content, increases.

The big producers Tine, Synnøve and Mills are keen to entice customers with new cheeses.

Perhaps no wonder – it starts to slip that saturated fat from milk-based products is not particularly beneficial:

“High intake of saturated fat from, for example, butter, fatty milk products and meat products, has been shown in international studies to increase the body’s cholesterol production and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease,” says the website on cheese on milk. no.

Light confusing

In the autumn, Tine launched the news Engfrisk, allegedly a light cheese.

But the limits of what is easy and not easy are vague.

Engfrisk has 22 percent fat content, significantly more than the light variants of Jarlsberg and Norway (16 percent).

– It is in the middle of between plain and light white cheese. The advantage of this cheese is that it has more of the unsaturated and less of the saturated fat, says nutrition physiologist Lise von Krogh to

A competitor like Vita Hjertego from Mills holds 15 percent, while Synnøve Extra Lett Gulost is the leanest of the “regular” garlic, with only 10 percent fat.

Gamalost ruler

But it is the traditional Norwegian kind of pulp cheese and gamal cheese that rules the list of low fat in cheeses, according to the Food Guide.

These cheeses contain only 1 percent fat. The most powerful is Synnøve gamalost with poor 0.5 percent fat.

– You can not find lean cheese one this. Gamalosten is a healthy traditional food. It is also full of proteins that are easy to digest because they are already broken down, “says Lise von Krogh.

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The food guide is maintained on private initiative by a food statistics enthusiast from southern Norway that collects information from a variety of source sources.

The information can be sorted on the content of fat, protein and calories and is very useful if you want to check such information about foods.

Most of the usual cheeses, such as Norway and Jarlsberg, are 27 percent fat.

The fatest cheeses are by no means French. Fat list is toppled by Tines ridder cheese and Norwegian cream cheese, both with 38 percent fat.

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Minor role

You should be fond of garlic that your intake will make a big difference to how much fat you get in you.

A slice of garlic weighs about 10 grams. Thus, the fat content will be from 0.1 grams (gamal cheese) to 2.7 grams (plain white cheese) per cheese slice.

A relevant comparison is the difference between low-fat and skimmed milk.

If you drink half a liter of milk a day, you get 7.5 grams of fat if you drink low-fat milk, but only 0.5 grams of fat if you drink skim milk. The difference equals 63 calories.

The difference in fat content between plain and light cheese will usually be about 1.2 grams. In other words, you have to fork 6 sliced ​​garlic every day to achieve the same calorie savings.

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