Health food

Less saturated fat

Provamel soya cuisine versus food flow.

Less saturated fat

Less saturated fat

The snake in the soya paradise

Less saturated fat

Early Greener Healthier

Less saturated fat

Healthy alternative to the healthiest meat

Less saturated fat

Another soywinner

Vegetable flake replacement based on sunflower oil, soya beans and wheat syrup in addition to emulsifiers and stabilizers. Most of the ingredients are organic.

The soybean meal contains 184 calories, the food flow 220. The biggest difference lies in the distribution of fatty acids, with the most saturated fat in the food flow.

Conclusion: The favorable fatty acid distribution in Provamel soy cuisine is good enough reason to choose this product, but it is asked if it had the same score at the feinsmeckerkokkene!


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