Large stomach is hazardous to health

The size of the stomach is far more crucial than the BMI, showing a major European survey.

Large stomach is hazardous to health

A major European survey shows that having extra fat along the waist presumably poses a significant health risk. It applies and for people who have an acceptable body mass index (BMI) and are not considered to be overweight, according to ABC News.

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BMI not essential

In the study, conducted among 350,000 people from nine countries, people with the same BMI have been compared to find out if belly fat is important for health. The conclusion is that the risk of premature death increased in line with the size of the stomach.

The risk was about twice as high for people with a lot of fat around the stomach, compared to those with a narrow waist.

There are not many individual factors that can increase a person’s risk of premature death to such an extent, apart from cigarette smoke and alcohol, says Professor and Coordinator of the Study, Elio Riboli at Imperial College London.

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Use tape measurements!

The study shows that the use of measuring tape around the waist and hips is as important as BMI, as part of a standard health check, the researchers believe in the study. This is general Serena Tonstad completely agree.

– I’m very interested in looking at life expectancy rather than just weight and height. I’m afraid that the method stamps people as obese, even though they do not have a real health problem, “says Serena Tonstad, general practitioner at the Department of Preventive Cardiology at Ullevål University Hospital.

– We who are obesity experts are very obsessed with life expectancy. And at the doctor’s offices, one can do a simple survey that says much more than BMI, stresses Tonstad.

Tonstad adds that much fat on the stomach is a factor that increases the risk of disease and death. This comes in addition to factors such as cholesterol and high blood pressure. And while it is more common for men to have large skinny, it is equally dangerous for women with stomach fat.

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