Infectious holiday destinations

Are you planning to have hot feriesx on the foreign tour this summer? Here you have an overview of which sexually transmitted diseases you may be taking home if the condom breaks.

Infectious holiday destinations

Infectious holiday destinations

FLEXIBLE: – For God’s sake, use a condom. It helps to fill anxiety, and so you avoid sexually transmitted diseases, the advice from the “sex pirator” Cecilie Kjensli sounds. Photo: iStockphoto

Of course, we have sexually transmitted diseases in Norway, but abroad there are sexually transmitted diseases that it is not possible, or as easy, to incur here at home. Hepatitis A, B and C, syphilis and HIV are examples of these.

– In the Mediterranean countries there are some hepatitis, B and D, and clearly more HIV than among us. And more gonococci also, says microbiologist Miklos Degré, to

– What about holiday destinations like Africa, Asia and South America?

– The whole of southern Africa is dangerous. Not least HIV, but also hepatitis A, B and C. Thailand and Asia have HIV and a lot of gonorrhea. South America has some gonorrhea and more syphilis than in Europe, explains the expert.


Sun, alcohol and finally free? This combination is the reason why many Norwegians suffer from gender diseases abroad.

– Technically, there is hardly any difference between home and abroad. But there is certainly a difference in our behavior. I’m pretty sure the control is less and the threshold is lower when you’re on vacation, business or on a mission in Africa, “says Miklos Degré, a specialist in microbiology.

Sexpirator and editor of the website, Cecilie Kjensli, agrees.

You can easily imagine the outcome of hot sun, cold alcoholic beverages and lots of people without clothes. You give more f and get more because the possibilities are there, she believes.

Norwegian condom and common sense

Infectious holiday destinations

MAY SPEAK: It’s worth taking quality assured condoms from home. Photo: iStockphoto

Be critical. Use a condom. Don `t trust anyone

Norwegian Folkehelseinstituttet advises anyone going on holiday abroad and considering having sex, bring Norwegian condoms in their luggage. The foreign condom quality is of varying quality.

The most important thing is of course not to lose your head even though the alcohol is flowing and you are far from home.

– Be critical of choosing sexual partners if you absolutely need sex during foreign stays. Use a condom. Do not trust anyone, Miklos’s call is for holidaymakers Norwegians.

Cecilie Kjensli is more liberal at feriesx than the specialist. But she also emphasizes the importance of safe sex.

– Do not lie with someone like maser, but because you think it’s delicious. And for God’s sake, use condom. It helps to fill anxiety, and so you avoid sexually transmitted diseases, “she says.


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