Increases the risk of heart attack and stroke

According to Helseleksikonet.no, it is important to treat sleep apnea because it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke.

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Snoring is a major and understaffed issue.

– Women in and after menopause should be extra aware. We do not exactly know the reason, but the firmness of the soft tissue in the throat decreases, which can make the airways collapse, which can lead to reduced sleep quality, “says Ingrid Kolstad Skarheim, doctor.

Without being aware of it, it may be you periodically stop breathing while sleeping.

If breathing stops are of a certain duration and frequency, it is called sleep apnea.

Two types of sleep apnea

According to Helseleksikonet.no, there are two types of sleep apnea. Central sleep apnea is the most rare type, most commonly found in people who have had stroke or have chronic heart failure. The other type of obstructive sleep apnea, on the other hand, is relatively common.

Sleep apnea symptoms are:

  • Breathing Stuff During Sleep
  • snoring
  • Relaxation
  • Concentration problems
  • Headaches

Why should sleep apnea be treated?

According to Helseleksikonet.no, it is important to treat sleep apnea because it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke. High blood pressure is also a problem with sleep apnea. Another important reason for following treatment is the higher occurrence of accidents in traffic and work experienced by persons with sleep apnea.

Mapping important

– To treat a sleep problem, it is important to have a thorough survey. I always do a clinical examination, explains doctor Ingrid Kolstad Skarheim to Norsk Ukeblad. Skarheim is previously a senior doctor at the Early throat department at the hospital in Fredrikstad. Sleep is her heartache, and now she works at Somni Sleep Center.

Skarheim looks at the size and shape of the tongue, if you have high or low gait, if the nose partition is skewed, as well as the size of the tonsils. In some cases it is appropriate to treat something surgical.

Sleep Detection to Detect Sleep Apnea

– Anyway, it is important for a sleep registration. Then the patient sleeps one night with a ribbon around the chest and a pinch on his finger. Then we get a good overview of the sleep pattern and oxygen saturation in the blood, “says Skarheim.

The registration will show the number of breathing stops, the deep sleep you have, and if you have a central apnea, that is, the brain does not tell you to breathe. It is a dangerous condition and is associated with early death, heart failure, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Increases the risk of heart attack and stroke

They were forced to sleep two hours less per night, you do not want to believe what happened!

– If you have moderate to severe apnea, we recommend a CPAP machine. You will receive a blue prescription, but there is some waiting time. Mild to moderate sleep apnea is treated with sleep wounds, which must be made and adapted to a specially qualified dentist, says Ingrid Kolstad Skarheim.

Sleeping sleep toward moderate sleep apnea

The snoring guide helps those with mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Being a snorer is a little honorable suffering. It is associated with shame, which makes the threshold for seeking help unnecessarily high, says dentist Anders Dyrbing to Norsk Ukeblad.

He has a special education in dental medicine and runs a dental clinic in Fredrikstad. In addition, he has started the nationwide Somni sleep clinic.

According to him, the solution for someone can be a custom-made shine to have in your mouth.

– I was actually my first snoring patient, he says.

Increases the risk of heart attack and stroke

Power to the brain inhibits fibromyalgia pain

He was only 25 years old when he, as one of the first in the country, got the specially made skins that adjust the earliest on the lower jaw so that the airways are kept free all night and you get to sleep well.

The dentist explains that the skins are adjusted to 0.01 millimeters accuracy to fit perfectly.

A dental treatment with customized shine costs just over $ 10,000.

Read more about sleep apnea in Helseleksikonet.no


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