Incontinence is not something that just strikes old ladies.



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Half a million people in Norway are struggling with incontinence, and it is estimated that between 10 and 20 percent of all women already experience leakage to a greater or lesser degree in the 20s.

What is due to incontinence?

There may be many reasons for being bothered with incontinence. Some people are talking about congenital ailments, but medication, heavy work, urinary tract infections and overweight may be contributing factors.

Some women struggle with urine leakage after birth and during menopause.

How do you prevent urine leakage?

Drinking enough fluid helps to maintain good bladder capacity.

Avoid drinking diuretics like tea, coffee and alcohol and try not to drink so much in the evening if you leak at night. Make sure you go to the toilet often enough to stay away for a long time.

In addition, work out the pelvic floor with knee exercises.

How to treat urine leakage

There are a number of aids for those who struggle with incontinence at the pharmacy.

There are special binders, posts and drop collectors, but these do not address the issue even if they make everyday life easier. If you struggle with incontinence, consult a doctor and learn about the possibilities that exist.

With medication, surgery and electrostimulation you can get rid of your problems completely.

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