Imported vegetables are less nutritious

Nutritional content in vegetables, frozen vegetables is healthier than fresh imported vegetables.

Imported vegetables are less nutritious

Imported vegetables are less nutritious

Well, junk food can actually be healthy

Three out of five Norwegians prefer Norwegian-grown vegetables, according to a survey conducted by Norstat for Findus. But despite this, we often rush to imported, fresh vegetables rather than frozen, Norwegian-produced outside the season. And especially in winter, frozen vegetables are the healthiest option.

Buying freshest

And since it’s fresh, imported vegetables we eat the most in winter, how healthy are the vegetables that come from far away?

– Fruits, berries and vegetables imported from warm-climate countries are linked to a higher risk of content of pathogenic agents than that produced by Norwegian-produced products..

It informs senior adviser in Mattilsynet, Laila Jensvoll, about.

– This is because the cultivation in hot climates often has poor access to clean water, and there is greater environmental pressure. Inadequate hand hygiene of those who reap the products can also contribute to infection, says Jensvoll.

More confidence in Norwegian produced

Marketing and Innovation Director of Findus Norway, Trude Solvang, says that Norway has very good rules regarding food safety.

Imported vegetables are less nutritious

So many vegetables contain the new pasta

– We have more confidence in vegetables grown in Norway and we can safely eat both fresh and frozen. Other EU countries also have a number of similar requirements, but we feel safer in our own country where we know the situation and the rules better, “said Solvang..

According to a report from the Norwegian Institute of Consumer Research, 37 percent of Norwegians say that they prefer not to eat too much of imported vegetables, where 26 percent of them said it was because they thought it was bad for health. 31 percent believed imported vegetables are not good for the environment.

Most of us buy imported vegetables in the winter months because it is naturally not possible for Norway to produce all year. Frozen vegetables are therefore a good option for those who want to eat Norwegian food all year round.

If the stores had placed frozen vegetables together with fresh, I think many Norwegians had got their eyes on this, Solvang believes.

Losing nutrients

Solvang informs that the shorter the time it takes from the vegetable is harvested until you eat it, the healthier it is.

– Freezing the vegetables stops the natural degradation process of nutrients, which gradually reduces nutritional content. The natural health of the vegetables is thus preserved in the best possible way, she emphasizes.

The fresh vegetables in the shop during winter times have traveled for a long time, and are often stocked, freshly prepared and in the fridge as well..

Gerd Byermoen is information manager at the Information and Communication Office for Fruit and Vegetables. She believes that fresh, imported vegetables do not bring very big, negative consequences.

– If the broccoli contains a little less fresh-vitamin vitamins in winter, it has no health consequences. It is not primarily vitamin deficiency that is the challenge in a Norwegian diet.

Healthy anyway

Byermoen feels that food researchers generally can not determine whether frozen or fresh vegetables are best. Both variety, cultivation and treatment of vegetables after harvest have a lot to say for the quality.

– Whether you choose frozen or fresh goods, do something good for your body, Byermoen strikes.

Imported vegetables are less nutritious

Goes to the top with less sugar and low salt content

Nevertheless, she recommends selecting seasonal products.

– When the vegetables are in season, they are at their best both in terms of taste and nutritional content, she says.

Solvang adds that it is too unconscious to decide if it is frozen or fresh.

– But keep in mind that vegetables are healthy, nevertheless, she concludes.



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