Impact of passive smoking

If you live with a smoker, the stroke risk increases significantly.

Impact of passive smoking

Impact of passive smoking

– Good for memory

If you are married to a smoker, the risk of self-blow, according to English researchers, increases.

Smokers are more vulnerable to non-smokers than well-known. Fewer studies have explored the risk of passive smoking.

72 percent increase

Now, researchers at Harvard believe that passive smokers have more than 72 percent greater risk of getting blows than people who are not near cigarette smoke, reports the BBC.

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Double win by quitting

The study involved people over the age of 50 and their spouse over a period of nine years.

After the results were adjusted to other factors that could affect the impact risk, it became apparent that non-smokers living in the same house as smokers were at greater risk of getting blows.

Those who had never smoked had 42 percent greater risk of getting blows. If he or she had smoked earlier in life, but quit, the risk of stroke was 72 percent higher.

The health benefits of smoking cease also affect the partner – which doubles the gain by ending, says doctor Maria Glymor, who led the study, to the BBC.

Women who die from smoking between 40 and 70 years lose an average of 20 years of life. Men lose 14 years of life, according to a report from the National Institute of Public Health.

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