If you forget the tampon, it may have serious consequences

Hats in the tampon for too long

If you forget the tampon, it may have serious consequences

If you forget the tampon, it may have serious consequences

Irregular bleeding can be a cancer sign

– How often you change the tampon depends on how much you bleed, says doctor Hedieh Asadi, who is also the entrepreneur of intimate deodorants.

A tampon can sit for up to six to eight hours, but no longer. Then irritation may occur, and at worst, TSS.

May cause blood poisoning

– TSS stands for Toxic Shock Syndrome. An unusual but serious illness, where about half of the cases occur in menstruating women, says Asadi.

– It’s a blood poisoning where bacterial poisoning (from streptococci or staphylococci) passes into the bloodstream and causes severe symptoms like fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash and headaches, says Mette Moen, Doctor of Online Expert and Gynecologist.

If you should have such symptoms, consult your doctor quickly, according to Moen.

– TSS may be fatal and must therefore be detected and treated at an early stage. To reduce the risk, you should wash your hands well before inserting a new tampon, as well as changing regularly, Asdadi advises.

Recycled Tampon

To forget about the tampon is quite common, according to the gynecologist Moen.

– It smells terrible when it is removed and it may be sore in the vagina, but it does not cause any sequelae like childlessness or chronic injury, she says.

It may be wise to use antibiotic shaving cream in the form of Clindamycin, but it is only available on prescription.

In most cases, the vagina will soon be left intact with normal bacteria. It is not shown that added lactic acid bacteria improve bacterial conditions in the vagina, but it is allowed to try, says Moen.

– If you have no symptoms of urinary tract infection such as burning or frequent urination, you do not need to seek medical attention.

When you do not get the line

But what happens if you do not get or get the tampon from your vagina?

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Source: Helseleksikonet.no

If you do not find the string, you can squint and press, just as you would do. Try to get the tampon with two fingers, advises Asadi.

– If you do not manage to get it yourself, contact a gynecologist or doctor.

Tampong at night?

– It’s good to use the tampon at night. Change the tampon when you lie down, and once you wake up, Asadi assures.

As mentioned, the Tampon can last up to eight hours.

You do not need to change the tampon every time you go to the bathroom, she adds.

How to remove the tampon

  • It is easy to remove a tampon. Just relax! Sit on the toilet, hold the tampon cord and pull it out diagonally towards the front of the body.
  • If you notice resistance, the tampon may not be sufficiently saturated with liquid yet. Then it may be uncomfortable to try to take it out. You can let it sit for a little longer (if it’s less than eight hours since you inserted it).

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