I’ll die this!

I have been reprimanded via the internet and have been given the verdict.

I'll die this!


DNA is a victim. DNA is the abbreviation for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid.

DNA can be compared to a pearl necklace, where the chain itself consists of sugar and phosphate, but the pearls consist of so-called bases, which are shortened A, C, T and G. These are the letters in the DNA alphabet, and the order and composition of these bases determines how the gene is.

The gene provides a recipe for how to assemble proteins so that the cells in the body will function. If there is a mistake in this “recipe”, it may go beyond the features of the cell.

As in language, letter errors may cause the sentence to be different or wrong. Such errors can be either small typographical errors or larger errors that cause words to fall out or the sentence is interrupted and loses its meaning. Smaller errors need not be so important and can be called normal variants. A comparison to language may be that they are dialects that mean the same.

Decodeme is one of several companies that offer private individuals the opportunity to take rehearsals. You submit a DNA test yourself and get the test results on one page on the internet. The test costs just over 5000 Norwegian kroner.

If I’m told that I’m going to die of something else, maybe the airplane goes away?

My nurse has advised me from blurred eyes and desperate gestulation.

I have read the page up and down on all the creepy diseases I can diagnose.

My parents have scrapped information about all unhappiness we have hereditary facilities for getting from grandparents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Nevertheless, curiosity takes over and I report as a voluntary test canine for gene retention via the internet.

Not even I’m going to get the death sentence, jam me, all Norway will be able to read what I’m going to die of. One must be blond to make this decision, I think and scratch the inside of the mouth with the equipment from Decodeme sent from Reykjavik.

Will the airplane go away?

Now it’s spit in the mail, and gene analysts in Iceland are going to enjoy themselves while studying my genes with lupe, or what they do now, while they are wearing my thigh over all the strange diseases I can get. In addition, they have received several thousand flaps for the job. Talk about business.

One thing I see as positive. I love to travel, but every time I’m in a plane, I think I’ll die. But if I’m told that I’m going to die of something else, maybe the airplane will be gone?

I notice what I am most afraid of: cerebral hemorrhage and eye disease that can make me blind. I know the pulse increase.


Everyone thinks I’m crazy. At work too. I get panic when a smart and upset lady in the office (not blonde) AND a Nobel Prize winner says they do not want to know if they are at high risk for Alzheimer’s. For there is actually NO cure for.

Abort mission, I think, and write mail to Decodeme.

I kindly ask that they do not have to reveal the result of just that. Despite the fact that no one in my family has had Alzheimer’s.

It’s not possible, is the hard and brutal feedback. I can overlook and not click on the link, but neither the genes nor Decodeme can remove Alzheimer’s for me.

Then it looks at the end of a real blue Monday where I already have my heart in my neck after too much alcohol and too little sleep this weekend. It’s the judgment that comes on screen letter:

Dear nina,

We are pleased to announce that the results of your Genetic Scan are ready.

I’m not “pleased”.

I'll die this!

GOOD GENER ?: To take the DNA sample was no witch art. Coping with the answers can be something completely different. Photo: Knut Bjørheim

Can I get bald?

These originate from the same mitochondrial group as me

All members of mitochondrial group H can trace their DNA back to a woman who has lived for 30. 000 years ago.

She belonged to a group of hunters and collectors who colonized Europe thousands of years before the agricultural revolution for around 10. 000 years ago.

For around 20. 000 years ago, ice age Europeans forced warmer climate in Spain, Italy and the Balkans. For 15. 000 years ago, when the ice age went to the end, the descendants moved to this group north again.

Here are more than me, which also originate from mitochondrial group H.

1. Marie Antoinette (1755 – 1793)

2. Alexandra of Hessen-Darmstadt (1872-1918)

3. Philip, heraldry of Edinburgh (1921 -)

4. Susan Sarandon (1946 -)

5. Svein Estridsson (1019-1076)

6. Evangelists Lukas (66 th. kr)

Asthma I have 45 percent greater risk than average to get. I know if the breath goes as normal.

I know the heart rate increases disproportionately high. I think I will not check it before I’ve returned home, slept an hour and drank two liters of water, but again, curiosity takes over. Despite the fear of breaking into cry in front of my colleagues, I click in.

I’m warming up with where my ancestors come from, and with a fool I understand that Susan Sarandon and I come from the same people. With flattering eyes I get to know more, but I do not remember any of it and fling on to the next post.

I’m not red in the face of drinking alcohol and I do not have a high risk of becoming nicotine dependent. But I’m at high risk of being bald.

Hi, this does not sound particularly charming, I think and iron over my hair as to make sure that the due date is not already under way.

After I’ve got the pulse a bit and my eyesight cleared, I see that this applies only to men. But I can transfer the gene to my future son.

Poster to the Grave

Then it’s creepy. 25 diseases listed as poster to the grave. I start with light warming. Things I do not think I have hereditary facilities for. The pace increases, I click wild between genes, graphs, definitions and percentages that show me how delicate I am to get just this cruel disease.

So, I can only see. I know that many in the family have suffered from cardiovascular disease. There have been brain bleeding and breast cancer.

I am prepared for the worst and have really been prepared for this for many years.

The results surprise me. I only have a slightly higher risk than the average to get breast cancer, otherwise I do not see any results in diseases that are with heart and mind to do. I think.

Then I click on diseases I do not quite understand what is. Eye diseases, I go free. Then I come to an English word I have not heard before. But it’s a disease, I understand, and it’s about dense blood vessels.

In the very pictorial explanation, the coagulated blood dissolves and blows my lungs in pieces. This may then be impossible. When will this happen? Do I plan to go on vacation first?

I need an expert

The percentages are also high for celiac and crohns. But I have never heard of this in my relatives.

Asthma I have 45 percent greater risk than average to get. I know if the breath goes as normal. No beep sounds or the feeling of breathing through a straw. Maybe I’m just lucky.

I'll die this!

Survived Genetic Test

I'll die this!

– High risk of misinterpretation

The pulse is almost normal again. But I really did not realize that much. What does all these percentages mean? Is 45 percent greater risk than average much or little in this context? Can I really get asthma?

Here I need expertise, I think and call Lars Retterstøl at Ullevål University Hospital. He is an expert in this with genes and DNA.

Join me to the expert on Monday. Follow on www. click. no / health



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