– I do not want the doctor

Read why men drop the health check.

- I do not want the doctor

- I do not want the doctor

LEG BLE SYK: But Kjell-Olav Svendsen cared as much as other men to take a health check. He waited one year before he dared to go to the doctor to get the cancer diagnosis. Photo: NEW

- I do not want the doctor

Many will kill the doctor

Many men wonder to go to the doctor. Male doctors are no exception. Kjell-Olav Svendsen did not even go to the doctor when he had symptoms of cancer.

– I’m lucky I’m living and I’m talking to you today, says a specialist in general medicine Kjell-Olav Svendsen.

The doctor did not want the doctor

It was autumn 2003 he was diagnosed with cancer.

– I went for a year of obvious symptoms but would not go to the doctor. I had not let one of my patients with the same symptoms go without careful examinations, but I was expecting one year to get answers to what I was wrong, “says Svendsen..

He believes that one of the main reasons why men turn to go to the doctor is that they are afraid to be told that they have a serious illness.

– Then the man makes the strut and sticks his head in the sand.

Want more focus on men

Kjell-Olav Svendsen calls for greater focus on men in health care.

– There is more focus on breast cancer than prostate cancer, despite multiple cases of cancer in the prostate than breast cancer. It’s also important to get men on the run because men deal with depression and anxiety differently than women. They go in the box and stay there, and more men than women manage to commit suicide, “says Svendsen.

He also emphasizes that many men think it’s embarrassing to talk about abdomen and sexual life issues.

– It also has something about the generalization of such problems. Sex aids for women look no wonder, but if a man uses aids, they are seen as pigs.

Taking up the health problems for the man

The doctor also says that he and many other doctors experience that women address the health problems of her husband.

Another important point is that women live longer than men. If it had been reversed, I think that there had been major political demands to find out why that is the case. We should find out more about why that is the case, “says Kjell-Olav Svendsen.

According to Men’s Health, there are ten reasons why men mourn, or drop to go to the doctor.

Here you get the list.

Do you recognize yourself? Do you agree to the list? Say your opinion in the comments box at the bottom of the article.

1) Ventures

A study published in The American Journal of Public Health shows that one of the main reasons men do not go to the doctor is that they have to wait. Men also bother to go to the doctor because of the total time it takes.

2) Healthcare is feminized

Several men and health specialists believe that health care causes men to feel unwelcome, according to head of the forum for Men’s Health, Ian Banks. One of the reasons for this is that health companies have information and decorations on the walls that are aimed at women. Men say they want to see more health magazines and posters with information for men.

– And why can not a doctor’s office be where men are staying, such as at bars or golf clubs, asks Ian Banks.

3) Men become flau

Men find it difficult to talk about intimacy, sexual problems and mental health, such as stress and depression. Or physical problems associated with the intestines or genital organs. Also sharing such things with a best friend can be embarrassing to both the one who handles himself and the friend. Why is it like that? Men are not used to it and therefore they think such situations are uncomfortable and would prefer to avoid it.

- I do not want the doctor

FLAUT: Many men think it’s embarrassing to talk about physical problems associated with the intestines or genital organs. Photo: Crestock / Lisa F. Young

4) There’s no point if there’s nothing wrong

Before men reach 40, most people see doctors like someone who intervene in acute cases, who perform surgery or who help sick people. Therefore, men seem to be little joke to go to the doctor if there is not obviously anything wrong with them.

5) Men have not used to go to the doctor

From girls, young people, around 16 years old, go to the gynecologist or to the doctor to do routine examinations or get birth control while boys of the same age stop going to the doctor. This can help explain why waiting rooms are most often filled with women, children and the elderly. Many men think this is an unpleasant situation and tries to avoid them as far as possible.

6) Hide it

From the very young, men are trained to suppress their feelings, and also physical pain. This may apply especially in some male-dominated professions. As a result, men who are talking about physical or mental state do not know where to begin.

7) Illness is a sign of weakness

Some men think going to the doctor not only signals that one is ill or has difficulty coping with everyday life, but that it also says something about masculinity. Many men think it’s better to bite their teeth together and hope that what you go and feel will just be gone.

8) Delivered to be sentenced

Many men are afraid that their illness or mental condition is unique. But nothing is further from the truth and the possibility that your doctor has never seen anything similar or heard of something similar is incredibly small.

9) Men exaggerate negative health care

Men think rationally, and many men think why health care is inadequate, wasted time too expensive, etc.. Sometimes this is just an excuse, but often men are dissatisfied with a playtime for various reasons.

10) Doctors are not associated with preventive measures for health

When men come in the 40’s, many of them have to go to the doctor more often. Only then does it seem that surveys to be at the forefront, or to prevent ailments, may be good instead of waiting until something goes wrong.

- I do not want the doctor

A-HA EXPERIENCE: When men are in the 40’s, they may need to go to the doctor more often. Only then, many people see the value of going to the doctor regularly in order to wait until something goes wrong. Photo: Crestock



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