How to keep your weight in Christmas

Why lose weight when you can spend Christmas to go down a kilo or two? Only you are a little aware, it’s actually quite possible to get slimmer in Christmas.

How to keep your weight in Christmas

How to keep your weight in Christmas

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How to keep your weight in Christmas

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How to keep your weight in Christmas

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How to keep your weight in Christmas

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How to keep your weight in Christmas

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How to keep your weight in Christmas

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In the period before Christmas, many of us are both good at food and exercise, and can jubilantly blow into the Christmas home with a good self-esteem.

But then Christmas is approaching, and then something happens to many of us. We are getting out of bed, thank you to all the Christmas cookies we receive, and think “yes, yes, it’s just Christmas once a year”.

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If you really think that the highlight of the year is to eat as much as you can eat of cakes, marzipan and christmas food, then proceed with it.

You’re sure to gain weight, but you can only slim these kilos when Christmas is over.

Of course, it’s a little annoying to get back the kilos you might just have managed to get rid of, but everything for Christmas or what?

Conscience That Smells

Many people have a fairly strained relationship with food, and this relationship is not getting better at Christmas.

It’s overflowing with calorie foods and drinks, and every time you feed yourself, you get even a little worse conscience.

Have you thought how a Christmas without weight gain and bad conscience can be? It does not have to be boring, on the contrary!

A body that works

Together with good food, there are many who associate Christmas with long family companies, food in the couch and little movement. And that’s exactly where you can make a change. Christmas is a great opportunity to go out for a walk or have a workout.

Most of us spend an hour’s walk or training before, between or after coffee breaks.

Not only does it give you more profits and better conscience, it can also make you lose weight, or even lose weight during Christmas.

The more you move, the easier it is to lose weight. So take a quick walk, jog, or a visit to the nearest fitness center. You will certainly not regret!

How to keep your weight in Christmas

BE ACTIVE: Try to move your body a little while in Christmas. A little bit of a walk or a quick walk, you’ve got the time to go. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / Scanpix

Little is enough

And then it was Christmas dinner! Of course you should not thank you for anything even if you want to lose weight. The point is just that you should be a little conscious. Feel free to taste the Christmas cookies, but let it be with one. Fill with clementines, coffee, tea and light brussel.

Choose fish, clean meat and what you find from vegetables on the cold table, and steer away too much mediocakes and sauce for Christmas dinner.

Take a glass of wine, but remember that alcohol increases appetite and contains some calories. So let’s have a glass of wine or two.

Multiple times a day

In addition to being aware of what you eat, keep in mind when you eat. During Christmas, many of us tend to eat rarely, but much when we first eat. Try to control this pattern.

For example, eat a breakfast at home, even if you are at Christmas lunch at 12 o’clock, you are most likely to eat healthier and less at Christmas.

Make sure that there is no more than 4 hours left between each meal. This keeps your blood sugar stable, making it easier to avoid overeating when you first eat.

It’s not so hard to lose weight during Christmas. It’s really just about being a little conscious!

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