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How to get good digestion

An unstable stomach can be painful and cause diffuse health problems.

How to get good digestion

We often hear about good and bad digestion, but what is it really about?

– Digestion is the process where the food breaks down to such small pieces that they are ready for absorption or absorption into the cells of the intestinal tract, then to cross the bloodstream or lymph. Digestive endpoints are stools and urine, says nutritionist Gunn Helene Arsky.

Rare stool

The food you eat usually consumes one to three days to digest and move through your intestines, and according to Arsky, it is called constipation if you have hard and rare faeces, less than three times per week.

– But remember that it can be very individual how often you have stools and only you know what’s normal for you. If you notice that the stool comes less often than it usually feels and you feel stuck or stuffy, you may have constipation, she says.

This may feel very uncomfortable and in such cases, supplements may help.

Probiotics indigestion

How to get good digestion

The middle is very best

There are several different products to choose from. One choice is probiotics.

– Probiotics are the term so-called digestive bacterial cultures, and prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates or insoluble fibers for us humans, but great food for useful probiotic bacteria, says doctor and author of the book “Food with more” Berit Nordstrand.

Proper food for the stomach

One does not need to take supplements to get either probiotics or prebiotics.

– There are prebiotics naturally found in foods such as fiber rich root vegetables, artichoke, onions, garlic and whole grains, and many dairy products, such as yogurt and sour milk, contain natural bacterial cultures or probiotics, says Nordstrand.

Sometimes probiotics are also added to the product, and some suggest that honey may also have prebiotic properties.

However, taking concentrated additions of probiotics may still be helpful to correct an imbalance in the bacterial flora – especially after antibiotic cures, she adds.

Nutritional and good

Nordstrand believes several studies we could illuminate and clarify the many experiences in relation to the utility effect of probiotics in the future.

How to get good digestion

Do you believe in the cheats?

But although more studies are welcome here, probiotics appear to help both diarrhea, infectious diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases, allergy complaints, eczema, irritable bowel disease and more types of food intolerance, “she says..

Nordstrand says that a lot of research is ongoing in relation to the role of a balanced bacterial flora both in order to stabilize and stimulate your immune system and in relation to your mental health.

– Eating a diet rich in probiotics and prebiotics is undesirable. It provides a variety of nutrients the body needs and at the same time gorgeous flavors, she says.

Dried fruits and grains

There are also supplements with other active substances that help in an unstable stomach.

– Dietary fiber from different sources may be the most common form of active ingredient in dietary supplements for indigestion. Dried fruits and grains are good sources of dietary fiber, but there are also other plants known for their gastrointegrating, digestive and easy laxative effects such as artichoke and amla, says Gunn Helene Arsky.

If you buy such supplements, Arsky asks you to look for a high fiber content per 24-hour dose or any high content of other active substances.

Drink a lot of water

Remember to follow the instructions carefully and drink a lot of water. Although dietary fiber is natural and good for digestion, it can be too much if you do not drink enough, and then the stool becomes even harder and drier.

The nutritionist says that you should also be careful about dietary fiber if you have problems with low blood percentage. The subsidy can inhibit the absorption of, for example, iron from the intestine.

How to get good digestion

Check if you should take supplements

How to get good digestion

Food giving flat stomach

– If you are stronger, there are non-prescription drugs at the pharmacy, but these can also have side effects, talk to your doctor, “says Arsky..

May cause more health problems

And remember that digestive disorders are nothing to bother with. Imbalance in the gastrointestinal flora can lead to many kinds of diffuse health problems. Some will experience low profit and energy, concentration problems and depression feelings. According to Nordstrand, you may also experience stomach ache disorders such as diarrhea, air pains and abdominal pain, as well as various anxiety disorder such as inflammation, allergies and skin disorders.

If you struggle with such diffuse health problems, they should always be consulted with your GP so that you can try both dietary supplements and any grants as part of a medical treatment, “Nordstrand says..


We have purchased three different digestive supplements with varying active substances, strengths and combinations with other substances. Two are bought at health food stores, one at the pharmacy.

The assessment is done by nutritionist Gunn Helene Arsky.

We reserve the right to change price and content. Before you buy the grant, check the package to see if the products have changed since we purchased and considered these grants.




How to get good digestion

PREVENTION: Click Health and the magazine Better Health has looked into the content of three selected supplements for better digestion. From left Fruit & Fiber (Ortis), TriphalaPlus (Maharishi Ayurveda) and Cyanara (A. Bird) Photo: Petter Berg HM Foto

Fruits & Fiber

Type of Grants

Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements

Fiber supplements


Maharishi Ayurveda

A. Vogel



Amla, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica, rose petals, starch, surface treatment agents.

Extraction of Cynara Scolymus (Artichoke). Alcohol 59% vol.

Figs, wheat syrup, rhubarb, glycerol, guar gum, tamarind, daddel, aroma.

Amount and type of active substance per day dose

Three tablets: 1048 mg amla, 1048 mg T. Chebula, 582 mg T. belerica, 233 mg rose petals.

90 drops: 427-808 mg of fresh Cynara scolymus.

1 dice: 1.56 g fiber.

This is on the label

May seem easily deafening and cleansing of the stomach and intestines. Can also be used as a strengthening agent.

Artichoke has traditionally been used for discomfort in the digestive system. Cynara is effective in ailments like stomach ache, feeling of pressure, feeling full and during periods of food and drink.

Promotes a natural bowel function. Works efficiently and comfortably, and provides well-being due to a good bowel function.

Number of days

Contains 60 tablets, one-three pieces. pr. day

Contains 50 ml, 30 drops three times per. day

Contains 24 dice, one per. day




The chewing Diced

Price per. packaging, please




Price per. day, kr


Can not be calculated



Triphala means three magazines in Sanskrit. This subsidy is made based on equal parts of three herbs. In Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine, these herbs have been used for thousands of years against indigestion, but also against other ailments that affect the liver, lungs and kidneys. Also available as herbal tea. It is not documented that the herbs appear deafening and cleansing, but they work antibacterially.

A full daily dose equals less than one gram of fresh artichoke. It seems to us that fresh artichoke both tastes better and is more efficient, as you easily exceed one gram of artichoke in a dinner portion! Even a quarter of artichoke gives you at least 20 g of fresh artichoke, at a cheaper price too. Check out the vegetable counter next time you want artichoke’s help for skinny regulation!

A fiber-rich combination of ingredients without getting too much calories on your purchase. Guar gum (E412) is an additive that acts as a thickener and stabilizer. It is rich in fiber and is probably added in terms of fiber content rather than thickening the dice. We still miss a group designation that indicates the effect of this additive.

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