Hope for COPD-sick

Today is the world’s COLOR-DAY. Here is the medicine that helps against the widespread lung disease.

Hope for COPD-sick

Hope for COPD-sick

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Hope for COPD-sick

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Hope for COPD-sick

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A four-year study shows that COPD patients can live a more active life anymore when using the drug Spiriva.

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We were present at the annual European lung congress ERS in Berlin in October. One of the most uplifting news that was presented was about COPD.

Only specialty

The news was that the drug Spiriva, which is the only drug in Norway just for COPD, available on blue prescription, gives patients a more active and normal life for a long time.

The four-year UPLIFT study included 5993 COLS patients from 37 countries. 46 percent of patients were in COPD stage II, ie the stage of the disease where most patients seek treatment for the symptoms.

All patients were medicated as before, but half received 18 milligrams of Spiriva (tiotropium) daily while the other half received an inactive preparation.

Severe Pulmonary Disease

COPD is a strong smoker-related disease. It leads, among other things, to a gradual and increasingly painful and invalidating weakening of the lung function.

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By far everyone is aware that they have COPD. Symptoms can be recurrent cough and colds (many have chronic cough), a lot of mucus in the respiratory tract, wheezing from the chest and the feeling that activities are limited due to wheezing.

COPD is increasing disability and is now the fourth most common cause of death in Western countries. Perhaps this trend may turn around with better medication.

Clear recovery

The group receiving Spiriva received a clear improvement in lung function, as the drug helps keep them more open for 24 hours. It is important that Spiriva also reduces so-called hyperinflation (congested air in the lungs).

– The results of the UPLIFT study are a good news. KOLS patients can live a more active life for a long time, says Dr. Anders Østrem. Spiriva expands the pulmonary function by about four years.

Spiriva, taken once a day, has good safety data: There is no increased risk of death, nor for stroke, stroke and cardiovascular events. In addition to the positive effects, Spiriva is therefore a safe drug to use.

The positive new results with Spiriva were published in The New England Journal of Medicine October 9 this year.

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