Health food

Hipp like happ

The kitchen of the health overcooked vegeschnitzel versus wienerschnitzel of pigs.

Hipp like happ

Hipp like happ

Top Option for Meat Meat

Hipp like happ

High quality soy product

Hipp like happ

Not much better than meat

Hipp like happ

Soy variant is a definite winner

Vegeschnitzelen contains 67% soy and wheat protein, as well as egg white powder and pea proteins.

The fat source is sunflower oil, but it is also used “vegetable oil” in the paneling. It may be the unfavorable palm kernel oil.

Comparing the roadchnitzel with wienerschnitzel of pigs, the pigchnitzel contains the most calories (243 vs. 199), proteins and fats, while vegeschnitzelen contains the most carbohydrates, but not to a decisive degree.

Conclusion: Healthy, the road technician never leads so little, but here it’s mostly hip like happ.


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