Here’s how to save your diet

Advice can save you from slimming hysteria forever.

Here's how to save your diet

Here's how to save your diet

Be slim with a tablespoon of vinegar

Here's how to save your diet

Check if you have normal weight

Here's how to save your diet

Stars’ tips for perfect bikini body

Here's how to save your diet

Therefore, she comforts her

The 10 action rules you find further down the article are a selection from the book 101 Things to Do Before You Diet, written by the English fashion and lifestyle journalist Mimi Spencer.

Be Realistic

She has published a book many people pushing her breast like a Bible – although it contains many thoughts we’ve all thought of before:

– Think rationally, do not imagine that when you just get a little more order for your life, start with so-called simple but fierce training regimes. They are made for those already in progress. And in the extension of this, that you will stay the rest of your life forever and live happily until your day ends, she writes.

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Much talk

Here's how to save your diet

NECESSARY? Of course, this man does not need a diet. Many people have a distorted picture of themselves – and how they would like to look. – Start by loving yourself, Mimi Spencer advises. Photo: Colorbox. com

There are many slimming tips. Everything from the mention of diet pills, how to keep you slim, how to shrink your stomach without surgery and what slim mites are – just – myths.

Before slimming you need.

1) Do not read slim books or articles

Get rid of the disorder that characterizes our dance with the diets. It is exhausting and gives you nothing.

2) Believe that you are nice as you are

You’re already, you just do not know it yet. To really take this over you, you have to straighten the fat glasses and acknowledge that it’s not a death sentence to bring a few kilos extra.

3) Close your eyes and see your value

You only get one body. That body can grow bigger and smaller, swell and shrink. But in general, you depend on the arms and legs, breasts and balls you have been assigned to here in life.

4) Find your own style

Clothing has crucial consequences for you – it’s your entry ticket to a world of slimness. It’s not just a matter of what you’re wearing, but how you’re doing it.

5) Eat proper breakfast

Realize that you are an animal. This means that the body still reacts to the surroundings in an ancient way. Countless surveys have shown that you wake up the body’s “fear-of-hunger reaction” if you skip meals.

6) Eat more

Life should not be a school example in abeyance. It should be fun and satisfying and may be filled with food. It’s fine, as long as you eat a lot of things – and not so much of certain other things.

7) Give your food full attention

Get a healthy relationship with the calories you take by giving them space. Spencer quotes an author who says that “eating and drinking is not errands, and nothing we do on our way to anything else. Too many eat on reflexes without thinking about what’s on the fork. “

8) Learn to Go Proper

Many women have poor walking. Remember: your shoulders back and forth, your eyes calmly focused a piece forward. The basin is a bit forward, but not too much. Use your abdominal muscles to stabilize and relax in your hips.

9) Do not get dressed.

If you want to keep a narrow profile, you should avoid duvet jackets, cardigan with belts, too big knitwear and man’s jeans. Hotpants and tube tops, knitted dresses, tweed outfits and layered layers.

10) Take care of salad bombs and hidden food traps

Avoid the apparently healthy food. For example, the salad bomb has been defined as a meal that begins green and healthy but is quickly burdened with dressing, cheese, bacon bites or chicken wings.

Source: 101 things to do before you diet (to Danish by Berlingske. dk, to Norwegian by Click. no)

But we have also written that it’s worth changing some key things in our lives first, rather than hoping for a so-called miracle basket.


– The problem for many is that they set unrealistic goals. Not only do they want to lose weight, it’s also going to happen terribly fast, “says nutritionist physiologist Cathrine Borchsenius.

That it works to change lifestyle, Solveig-Elise Hansen (28) learned when she reduced 170 kg in three years by changing food intake and activity level.

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Changed thought pattern

Mimi Spencer believes that much is done if you change the way you think about it.

“You can change your eating habits and go down over time, if we use the brain a bit more and fork a little less,” writes Spencer. “It may sound strange, but you can ‘reprogram’ your brain to make sense. If we constantly deprive the brain of the foods we want, it will have the opposite effect. Begin by allowing yourself a little taste of what you want and gradually adjust your behavior with regard to the foods you know make you fat. It has nothing to do with slimming, but it has a lot of psychology to do, “writes the lifestyle journalist, who also believes it is psychologically smart to get dressed so that you look thinner.

Join the butter

Her main message is that we must call ourselves to change our mindset if we want to change the figure. A healthy body begins at the top:

“Get your head out of the bush, or out of the refrigerator, for that matter. See you in the mirror, this is where your journey begins. A little bit of love and an overdose of honesty will pave the way for you on this journey. It’s about regaining the perspective and understanding what works for you just, “encourages Mimi Spencer.

She promotes booking, among other things, helps you become a friend of the butterpack.

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