Here is the windstrip you need

Protects noble parts from wind and weather.

Here is the windstrip you need

In short:

+ The front protects very well against wind

+ The material transports moisture very well</p

+ They feel airy

+ They dare quickly

+ The price

Not the most durable model we’ve tested

Tests: Active Test Team

The regular team is six men with backgrounds from outdoor, sport, defense and hunting. We also have two-three ladies who test models aimed at women.

In addition, we have a network of active tourists who assist in spending over and above the team’s capacity.

None of the team members are employed where our tests are published. No one, of course, has any association with the importer, supplier or manufacturer.

If you wish to contact the team, send an email to John Arne Tungen.

Read more about Active Test Team Test Methods here.

Craft Pro Zero WS Gunde Boxer

New Wave Norway AS, 24 54 18 00,

Price: 299 kroner

Sizes: S – XL

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Should you go Birken or maybe go skiing for the winter or Easter?

Take a look at this. This is one of the items we really appreciated to test.

Protects noble parts

The first thing that gives you protection against wind and cooling may be a super insulation jacket.

In all outdoor activities and types of training that involve some speed or wind impact, it is important that one protects the precious parts in front of wind and cooling. Then this windbreaker is the thing.

There are several vendors and models of windbreaker sneakers, and Gunde Boxer is no news for this season. But when we look at the combination of fit, protection against wind, moisture transport and breathing properties, we think there are few models, if any, that can match this from Craft.

Enhance something

We have used such windbreakers for several years in the test team, but this test is based on boxers tested last fall and winter.

We have tested other synthetic underwear models that have been more solid and durable. This one looks and laughs. More durable materials can also be felt less comfortable against the body.

Constructionally, such a wind turbine is not an advanced thing. It has Gore Windstopper in front and Pro Zero superunderwear in the rest of the boxer.

In life, there is a string of appropriate tightness.

The length is good, which means it does not bend so fast in the step.

There is stretch in all components.


Producer Craft Price 299


All in all, one of our absolute favorites in this type of windbreaker.

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