Here are the carbells you should avoid

Here is the food that causes the blood sugar to shoot in the weather – then to drop the plate after a short time.

Here are the carbells you should avoid

Food that causes moderate blood sugar increase

Apple, pear, orange, oatmeal, baked bread, pasta, rice, boiled potato, ice cream, popcorn and chocolate.

Foods that cause slow blood sugar increase

Nuts, legumes, vegetables, berries, kesam, shrimp, cottage cheese, yogurt, whole grains.

Here are the carbells you should avoid

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Here are the carbells you should avoid

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Here are the carbells you should avoid

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If you do not want to hang on, it’s not necessarily the calorie food you’re going to stay away from, according to internal medicine and diet expert Fedon Lindberg.

– But be careful about foods that contain a lot of light carbohydrates like starch and sugar – and little protein, fat and fiber. These carbohydrates cause the blood sugar to rise rapidly – and quickly fall again.

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Appetite is the joker

Do you choose food with more proteins and slow carbohydrates to keep you satisfied? What prevents overeating?.

It is primarily the appetite – and not the number of calories – which is the joker when we want to lose weight, according to Lindberg.

Glycemic index

The key to consistent blood sugar and even appetite is called glycemic index – or GI.

– This is a scientific method recommended by, among others, WHO, who will help you choose the right type of carbohydrates, “says Fedon Lindberg.

– Foods are ranked by blood sugar and not by calorie content.

Blood glucose effect has enormous significance for hormonal balance, weight and health, “says Dr. Lindberg.

The carbohydrates that are digested quickly and quickly absorbed into the blood have high GI. Conversely, the carbohydrates that break down and digest slowly, have low GI and lead to more even blood sugar increase.

Rapid blood sugar increase can cause diabetes in the long run because it stimulates insulin production and increases fat storage in the body..

But only the carbohydrates are measured in high or low GI – and not fat and protein.

Glycemic load

The pure GI value is one thing, but obviously not the only goal of health, Lindberg emphasizes.

For example, yellow cheese, which has a GI value of zero, would be very healthy. But that’s not the case. Nor can you say banana and mango are unhealthy just because these fruits have high GI.

Besides, GI says just about the carbohydrate type, but nothing about the carbohydrate amount.

This is where the glycemic load (GB) enters. This tells you which blood glucose gain you get from 100 grams of food – which is a fixed reference for calculating GB. Since it is relatively complicated to figure out, you will find the GI and GB values ​​of each food on the glycemic index. com.

Scary Risks

– From the calculation of GB, the “weightless”, low-calorie risk factors are some of the things we can eat ourselves on. They have a lot of carbohydrates per 100 grams and therefore give high GB. And more importantly; The big blood sugar increase they bring ends up with increased appetite and overeating a little later, says Lindberg.

A rule of thumb for favorable carbohydrate food is that the more fiber it has in terms of carbohydrate content, the better.

No-food for 2011

Grape sugar, baguettes, beer, cornflakes, sugar, bread, mashed potatoes, fries, baked potato, muesli, honey, rice cakes, candies and waffles are among the foods that cause blood sugar to shoot in the weather and fall again.

This makes us want to eat more, which is not particularly smart if we want to go down a few pounds in the new year.

The body digests fiber rich foods slowly – which also causes the blood sugar to slow down. And do they keep the fake eating habits away.

Make it Easy

Nutritionist Therese Fostervold Mathisen at Women’s Training. no agree with dr. Lindberg mostly, and familiar with the GI model. But she thinks it may be cumbersome for most people to figure out GI and GB in everyday life.

It is basically about choosing fiber rich and protein rich foods for each meal and eating more unsaturated fat. At the same time, you should not consume more calories than you use, she says.

In the fact boxes on the right you will see examples of foods that have good fiber and protein content.

Junk and bad eating habits

– If you lose weight, you should drop buns, muffins, potato chips, sweet biscuits and all of soda, juice and bottle moths, and be careful about midday meals with nutritional mixes, says Kari Bugge, nutritionist and head of department at Grete Roede.

She does not agree that blood sugar fluctuations are the only decisive factor in how much we eat. Food is part of our culture and our feelings, and we also eat to enjoy ourselves when we are depressed and when we are stressed, Bugge believes.

Another thing is that we are manipulated to eat more calories than we are probably aware of, she says.

Vegetables you can eat as much as you like

Pumpkin, pepper, red cabbage, sprouts, cabbage, peppers, green beans, leek, broccoli, casserole, tomato, cauliflower, celery, aubergine, tomato, radish, squash, asparagus, china cabbage, crushed garlic, spinach, iceberg lettuce, celery, cucumber, lettuce salad, mushroom, rapeseed salad.

– Kiosk muffins and muffins on offer are well-known calorie bombs. Even healthy smoothies can cause too many calories when the bottles are big enough. The same applies to the small bags of nuts and dried berries that are sold everywhere and which advertise to be small, quick and effective midday meals. They are healthy, but energirike, says Bugge.

Potato instead of Potato Gold

Although she agrees with Fedon that the fast carbohydrates are available, she has other objections to Fedon’s high-lyme chemical no-list.

Bread and potato is simply not the big threat anymore, she believes.

– Although the potato has high GI, it is nutritious and low-calorie. In addition, the blood glucose rise of high glycemic food is outweighed by eating with other foods – and then the meal as a whole will affect blood sugar and not just one food item.

In addition, the intake of dinner spot has become more than halved over the last 30-40 years, in parallel with thickening and thickening.

Instead of warning against the potato, we should also warn against the potato and other processed potato products, “says Kari Bugge, who holds a button on the diet advice from the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

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Here are the carbells you should avoid

BATTERY BAGETT: It’s not the fat in the cheese that’s the problem, but the carbohydrates in the bag. Photo: Bjørn Inge Karlsen HM Foto

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Not only does the food make you hungry

Most of us do not only eat because we are hungry but for many other reasons.

Some eat when they are stressed, others when they are sad.

Enough sleep is very important for appetite regulation – and only one hour less sleep per night increases the hormone orexin and food intake the following day.

“Too little physical activity is also a contributing factor,” says Fedon Lindberg.

Other factors that, according to Lindberg, increase our appetite, are salt and flavor enhancers like MSG – found in many spice mixtures, Asian food, potato chips and other snacks.

Therefore, you become slim of proteins

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