Heart flicker check in two minutes

Soon you can examine your heart with your smartphone.

Are you a birch bones, the chance of developing heart fibrillation is far greater than in the rest of the population. Using a new app, you can quickly check your heart rate all by yourself.

Heart fibrillation is a serious public disease, and nearly 70,000 Norwegians are affected. The disturbances in the heart rhythm can cause severe cardiovascular disease and are the cause of every fifth stroke.

Several studies from both Norway and abroad show that adult men who exercise a lot and are subject to tough endurance athletes are at great risk of developing heart flare.

According to a Norwegian study that has followed birch bones for 30 years, every eighth participant of the disease is affected.

New mobile technology will provide fitness enthusiasts and other interested people with the opportunity to investigate their heart on their own without having to seek medical attention.

Heart flicker check in two minutes

AMERICAN RESEARCHERS: Jinseok Lee of Worcester Polythecnic Institute (Technician), Professor Ki Chon at Worcester Polytechnic Institute of Massachusets and David McManus, Cardiologist of the University of Massachusets Medical School. Photo: Maria Løvik

Easy and easy to access

Using a new mobile application, developed by professor Ki Chon at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusets, you can soon investigate if you suffer from heartburn only using your smartphone.

The idea is that all people, in an easy and easily accessible way, should be able to check their own health condition, “said David McManus, cardiologist at the University of Massachusets.

The heart specialist has worked with Dr for a long time. Ki Chon and Jinseok Lee develops the app, which is the first of its kind.

Heart flicker check in two minutes

BORDER SECTION: How to view the app. The picture on the left shows the app as it scans your heart rate. On the image to the right, the result is complete, and in this case it shows the normal heart rate. Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Professor Ki Chon

This weekend they are in Oslo to test the new invention of six birch bones.

Heart flicker check in two minutes

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Because adult men over 45 who exercise a lot are particularly prone to heart flares, they believe that Birken is a good opportunity to test the app on a risk group.

Checks the heart through the camera lens

To prevent heart failure to lead to other serious cardiovascular disease, it is important that the disease is detected early.

However, the symptoms of heart flares can be difficult to recognize, but using the camera on the phone you will soon be able to check your brain frequency whenever you want it.

The heart flicker app works by placing a finger over the camera lens on the back of the smartphone.

Using light that shines through the skin on your fingertip, the camera retrieves information about changes in blood flow in your finger and analyzes them using the program as Dr.. Ki Chon has developed.

Heart flicker check in two minutes

FINGER: The image shows the app that scans the information from the finger through the camera lens, viewed from the side. The finger is placed over the lens on the back of the camera. Photo: Maria Løvik

After 1 to 2 minutes, the pulse and heart rate information will be analyzed and the app will let you know if you have normal heart rate, or if you have heart rate indicators.

This is heartburn

Heart fibrillation, also called arthritis, is a condition where the normal rhythm of the heart is disturbed.

  • Blood can accumulate and, in the worst case, live on blood clots that lead to blood flow up to the brain.
  • While a healthy heart beats between 60 and 80 beats per minute, a flickering heart can come up to 200 beats per minute.
  • The occurrence especially affects people between 40 and 70 years.
  • The disease results in nearly 3,000 strokes a year.
  • Untreated heart failure can lead to stroke, heart failure, blood clot, impaired heart muscle and heart attack.

Sources: Click. no and Professor Maja-Lisa Løchen

No diagnosis

Dr McManus nevertheless stresses that the app does not make any diagnosis.

– The instruments measure if there are irregularities in the heart rate and give you information about this. If you get results indicating heart fibrillation, contact your doctor and confirm the findings with an ECG (electrocardiogram), he says..

Good Test Results in the United States

Mobile application has already been tested on 33 people in the United States, with good results.

All the test subjects had heart failure before the test, and this also resulted in checking the heart rate through the phones.

After the test subjects had stabilized the heartbeat with medical treatment, the application demonstrated normal heartbeat at all.

Technology of the Future

Dr. Chon is convinced that this way of using technology is the future and he thinks it will eventually come up with a variety of different programs that let us investigate our own health.

Heart flicker check in two minutes

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Heart flicker check in two minutes

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The Japanese company Toto now offers toilets that check your health for every bob search.

– People are increasingly health conscious and want to get answers to what they care about or wonder. The new technology has all the possibilities, we only need to learn how to make use of it, “he says.

A possible risk of such an application is that people use the mistake and, for example, detect normal heart rate if this is not the case.

Therefore, it is very important that we provide good information about how the app will be used. It wants an information video available, and it will also let you know if you make a mistake, “says Chon.

Available next year

The full version of the mobile application is not completed in about a month and a half.

Heart flicker check in two minutes

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Heart flicker check in two minutes

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Dr. Chon is also waiting for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – a United States Department of Health and Social Affairs – to approve the app. This may take up to six months and it will not be available on the market until the beginning of next year.

Chon emphasizes that this type of medical application entails a major responsibility and points out that it is important to carry out thorough tests before making the product available to the general public.

– Now it’s almost wild on the app market, with very few regulations. When it comes to several medical applications, this will also require stricter regulations, he says.

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Heart flicker check in two minutes

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Heart flicker check in two minutes

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Heart flicker check in two minutes

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