Healthy Christmas cake

Enjoy a good conscience.

Healthy Christmas cake

Healthy Christmas cake

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Enjoy Christmas, without a bad conscience!

Cakes with less fat and sugar taste as good as traditional ones.

Cookbook author Marit Røttingsnes Westlie, Inger Kløkstad, who stands behind Ingers Fibermat, and the TV2 chef Wenche Andersen gives you your favorite favorite recipe.

Nutrition physiologist in Bama, Gunn Helene Arsky, explains what is good with the healthier varieties.


Bird cakes are one of the favorites of cookbook writer Marit Røttingsnes Westlie. You can read the recipe here.

Nutritionist Gunn Helene :

– Coarse wheat flour gives the cakes more vitamins, minerals, trace elements and dietary fiber than regular Christmas cookies. The sunflower seeds provide a lot of fat, but of the heart-like variety. If you choose chocolate with 70 percent cocoa, this is rich in antioxidants.

Healthy Christmas cake

FÅGELAKAKER: One of the favorites of cookbook author Marit Røttingsnes Westlie. Get the recipe on Click.


Healthy Christmas cake

BUSINESS EXECUTIVE: Gunn Helene Arsky Photo: Lise von Krogh

Inger Kløkstad, general manager of Ingers Fibermat, looks forward to the recipe for Coconuts when asked to name a favorite of healthier cookies.

Les Ingers recipe for coconuts here.

Nutritionist Gunn Helene :

– The egg whites contain a lot of protein and bind the cakes together. The coconut stock contains a lot of saturated fat, but if you choose for example hazelnuts and walnuts for the rest of the nutritional mix, you’ll get healthy fat too. Kli increases fiber content.

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Oat biscuits

Healthy Christmas cake

INGERS BEST: Inger Kløkstad in Ingers Fibermat thinks Coconuts are Christmas food. Photo: Petter Berg / HM Foto

Chef in Good Morning Norway on TV2, Wenche Andersen, does not doubt that oat biscuits are a healthy alternative that you can safely put on the table at Christmas.

Healthy Christmas cake

SEASONS: See the recipe from TV2 chef Wenche Andersen. Photo: Petter Berg / HM Foto

Read the recipe for oat biscuits here.

Nutritionist Gunn Helene :

The oats are a very nutritious cereal that contains a lot of iron, a lot of the healthy fat and also an exciting fiber (betaglucan) that has many positive health effects, such as on our cholesterol.

Read more recipes on healthier cakes in number 50 of the Norwegian Weekly Magazine. Among other things, Jeanette Roede and Fedon Lindberg give recipes to their favorites.

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