Head Lice

Hodelusen has a slightly undeserved bad reputation.

Head Lice

Head Lice

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Head Lice


Head Lice

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Sure it’s both nasty and uncomfortable, but it has nothing to do with bad hygiene.

Yet, many of us still see that there is something petty about the craving creatures.

How to get a loop?

The lice are infected by direct contact from head to head or through headgear and other items in contact with the hair. The loops have no wings and can neither jump nor fly, but they move fast on foot on your scalp.

Since a lice can not live more than two days away from the scalp, it rarely moves further into the hair.

How to avoid lice?

The only way you can avoid lice is to stay away from someone else’s heads, brushes and headgear, but if you’re wrong, a good hug may be enough. To prevent lice, children and adults should be inspected regularly – especially if you know that infected children are infected.

Also, remember to inform others if you or your children get a lice so infection can be prevented.

How to treat headluster:

There are several anti-lice agents, but the Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends liniment containing Malation. It is recommended that the lubricant is used in combination with a kest. If there are boys or men who get a lice, it might be a solution to shave most of the hair.

Is your hair short for struggling to get stuck. If you find more vivid lice after treatment, take another round of lice.

By the way, it is not so likely that lice are infected with textiles and furniture, but if you want to be on the safe side, textiles must be washed at minimum 60 degrees, frozen to below -20 degrees for at least four hours or stored for at least four two days at 25 degrees.

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