Goodies cause faster muscle pain

If you are a gratuity, that may be the reason for the pain you have in skeletal muscle.

Goodies cause faster muscle pain

Are you fond of cakes, sandwiches, chocolate and other sweet things? If you also struggle with muscle and skeletal disorders, it may be ok to be aware that there may be a connection.

Sugar and healthy carbohydrates are some of the things that can trigger such ailments.

Common Challenges

Muscle and skeletal disorders are among the common causes of chronic pain and impaired function and quality of life. Such ailments have always been the case, and although the causes have changed somewhat over time, the plagues have a common denominator.

– There is always some kind of inflammation involved, “says physician Fedon Lindberg.

Food Heal Inflammation

In recent years, researchers have focused a lot on prevention and relief of inflammation, and have also become aware of how transient such disorders are. According to Lindberg, research has also led to an understanding of the importance of the diet.

– There are foods like hoists and foods that dampen inflammation, and by choosing the right one, you can do a lot of your own health and quality of life, he says..

Sugar Caution

Foods that can dampen inflammation:

  • Antioxidants in the form of fruits and vegetables with strong colors. Remember to vary and eat the most in raw condition. Also herbs and spices contain rmye antioxidants
  • Flaxseed and walnuts
  • Dark chocolate, for example, in the form of cocoa ribs
  • Green tea
  • Water-soluble fiber from beans, vegetables and oats
  • Protein – and especially whey protein from, for example, yoghurt, kesam and shark
  • Sufficient fish fat. Eat 500 grams of oily fish every week and / or take omega 3 as a dietary supplement

Source: Physician Fedon Lindberg and Chief Berit Nordstrand

Goodies cause faster muscle pain

Life-threatening symptoms that women overlook

– Good news about inflammation is that scientists eventually know a lot about which dietary factors affect the part of the immune system that causes the body to react with inflammation, “says Lindberg..

The hormone insulin affects the formation of the inflammatory eicosanoids, and insulin is released when there is too much sugar in the blood.

Eating sugar and healthy carbohydrates will help trigger inflammation.

In addition, increased blood sugar after meals leads to increased oxidation – or rancidity – in the body, and this causes more inflammation.

A lot of pills

Also, the general practitioner and author of the book “Food with more,” Berit Nordstrand, believes that a proper focus on the diet can lead to the recovery of muscle aches, skeletal complaints and other inflammatory conditions.

– Today’s treatment is mostly analgesic, but recent research shows that an imbalance in the mat can increase the level of inflammatory substances in the body, she says. .

In addition to muscle and skeletal disorders, a high level of inflammation can also cause ailments like low energy, drowsiness, diffuse pain and overweight.

Weight reduction can help

Lindberg says that there is also a close relationship between obesity and inflammation – especially if the fat lays around the stomach. This is because newly born fat cells are very similar to special white blood cells that produce inflammatory substances.

– A combination of weight reduction and exercise has been shown to have a good effect on patients with osteoarthritis in their knees and those with psoriasis, “he says..

In addition, such lifestyle changes will lead to a reduced risk of heart disease.

Prolonged consequences

He adds that, of course, it is allowed to go out for example on weekends, but you should also be aware that it has consequences.

Not just there and then.

– An unfortunate meal actually has consequences for the inflammation level in your body up to two weeks after you ate it, “he says..

This means unfortunately that your inflammation level will stay high over time if you regularly treat yourself to foods in the form of foods that trigger inflammation.

But you can also enjoy food in a healthy way.

Choose food rather than dietary supplement

Goodies cause faster muscle pain

LESS SUGGESTION: If you are injured in the body, you may want to squeeze on sweets, because after the sweet itch, you will probably have the sour sweat. Photo: Illustration photo: Colorbox

Fortunately, there are also foods that inhibit inflammation, and here it is a lot to choose from.

Food that can trigger inflammation:

  • Too much omega 6. Avoid excessive fat from pork, beef, chicken and eggs. Also take care of oils and margarines from soy, sunflower, corn and peanuts. Rather choose the juniper oil from olive or rapeseed
  • Starchy and sugary foods such as sweets and white bread. Also take care of pasta, potato and fast-boiled rice

Source: Play Fedon Lindberg

Many suggest that a diet rich in antioxidants increases the body’s defense and repair processes by stimulating it and protecting against the development of chronic inflammation.

Bear, fruit and colorful vegetables are therefore good medicine for muscle and skeletal disorders.

Research also shows that the antioxidants benefit most when consumed through food instead of as dietary supplements, he says.

Make sure you get enough of your vitamin D vitamin. This is necessary for the body to absorb calcium from the diet.

Think holy

Nordstrand emphasizes that the anti-inflammatory effect of food is dependent on all the ingredients in your diet and not a single ingredient.

– If you are suffering from inflammation of the body, you should deliberately include several ingredients in the diet that inhibit inflammation, while reducing the intake of ingredients that appear to be able to increase inflammation. The key to anti-inflammatory food is to choose clean, natural, low-processed raw materials, says Nordstrand.

Eat as in the South

She confirms that a so-called typical Western diet may be unfortunate if you struggle with muscles and skeletal pain.

Much processed red meat, saturated fat, refined flour and sugar are, as mentioned, associated with higher levels of inflammatory substances in the bloodstream.

– A Mediterranean diet with fruit, green, olive oil, more fish, whole grains and nuts and a lower intake of red meat, on the other hand, gives less inflammation, she says.

Nordstrand adds that research also shows that omega-3, ginger and turmeric can reduce inflammatory reactions in the body.

Help the bacteria

If you give the good bacteria in the intestinal ingredients they can enjoy, they will be able to stimulate and stabilize your immune system so that inflammation is muted.

– They will also maintain your intestinal mucosa so that it does not leak foreign matter into the bloodstream. This will cause the immune cells to become inflamed, says Nordstrand.

What is inflammation?

– Inflammation, or inflammation, is a physiological mechanism that is vital to us. The body uses this mechanism both as protection and repair, “says Fedon Lindberg.

Distinguish between acute inflammations, such as burns, and chronic inflammations, which occur when the immune system responds continuously to chronic infection or chemical damage..

Goodies cause faster muscle pain

Sit-ups do not give you a flat stomach

She says that good food for such bacterial aides can be, for example, barley, oats, root vegetables, cabbage, ginger, garlic and fermented plants.

– Mild levels of inflammatory substances in the blood, both bodily ailments and mental difficulties could be improved, she says.

Not just food

Nutritionist Gunn Helene Arsky is not as convinced of the importance of diet for the development of this type of ailment.

– Muscle and skeletal disorders have many causes. They may be due to everything from incorrect posture due to wear and tear to sports injuries and diseases. And even if the diet can exacerbate or ease the symptoms, I will not say that the diet itself is a cause, says Arsky.

For example, wrong bra may help to hurt you both in the head, neck and back.

Antioxidants lower the inflammation level

– Generally, rheumatologists find that acid-forming foods often worsen the condition, while basic foods make it better. Acidic food you should avoid is meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheese – that is protein-rich food, she says.

Based foods she recommends to eat more of are fruits, berries, vegetables, beans and lentils .

Additionally, antioxidants in fruits and vegetables help lower inflammatory levels, so eat your five a day. Citrus of all kinds is OK, because they are sour in taste, they form the base of the body. Many rheumatologists also benefit from dropping everything from the screening family, which includes tomato, potato and tobacco, she says.

Inflammation-Friendly Lifestyle:

  • Leave 60 percent of food from plants
  • Ensure regular exercise. 30 minutes walk daily and more intense exercise two to three times a week is recommended
  • Learn to cope with stress and be sure to get enough continuous sleep. Seven to eight hours a night
  • Avoid smoking
  • Be careful of alcohol
  • Stay in the fresh air and get plenty of sun
  • Add vitamin D supplement during the winter months

Source: Play Fedon Lindberg

Goodies cause faster muscle pain

– BMI formula is incorrect

Also think about the type of fat you get in you. Too much omega-6 can trigger inflammation.

Eat most raw foods

Last but not least, the way the food is produced is important for the development of inflammation.

According to Lindberg, we should, for example, be extra careful with highly processed and heat-treated foods. There is a kind of caramelization when we heat the food.

Therefore, he recommends that at least 60 percent of the food consumed is eaten in raw condition.

– The rest should be treated as gentle as possible. Boiling, steaming and long-term cooking at low oven temperatures are preferred. Grilling, frying and frying stew should be avoided to a greater extent.

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Goodies cause faster muscle pain

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