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Good reasons to drink beer

Beer is good. And when we drink beer, we are happy and social and drink a little too many beers at once. But there are also health reasons for drinking beer.

Good reasons to drink beer

Good reasons to drink beer

Milk and juice can make you fat

Good reasons to drink beer

How much do you put in your fill

Good reasons to drink beer

Test yourself: Do you drink too much?

Good reasons to drink beer

Test Yourself: What Do You Do About Alcohol?

Beer has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are most of us painfully aware of. Timbers are so their case, but if you drink too much beer throughout life, you risk losing both cirrhosis and obesity.


Researchers have studied the health benefits of beer in recent years. Here are the most positive results so far:

1) Beer to bone loss

Researchers at the University of California believe there are phytoestrogens in beer brewed on building paint that has the preventive effect. Therefore, beer is brewed on this, and on hops, which helps to prevent bone loss.

Professor Kaare Gautvik at the Department of Medical Biochemistry at the University of Oslo has previously explained to that phytoestrogens are vegetable estrogen-like substances.

– I guess the concentration of phytoestrogens in beer is far below the medical effective dose, commenting Gautvik, who believes it is far more important for toxicological research to map the effect of estrogen hermes found in industrial waste and affect the sex drive of the fish.

2) Beer against senility

Two glasses of beer or wine a day prevent senility and reduce the risk of dementia by 40 percent.

There is a study presented at the Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference in Vienna that shows this.

– It is believed that it can help with moderate amounts of alcohol to propagate dementia, since this is beneficial for blood vessels, confirms Geir Selbæk, psychiatrist and research leader at the Center for Psychiatric Expertise at Hospital Innlandet for

3) Beer is healthy!

A bit of a hard statement maybe, but beer is certainly not the most unhealthy drink you can get in you. Looking at the content of carbohydrates, beer is healthier than soda.

In addition, beer contains a variety of vitamins and minerals you do not get in soda. Nevertheless, be careful about the intake, because alcohol also reduces combustion.

Bigger puppets?

According to Vi Menn, there are other, more sexy, reasons to choose to drink beer. They believe that beer is far better than vagina.

And the New writes about the Bulgarian beer Boza as apparently gives girls bigger tits.

– I bought a box for my wife. I hope to see an improvement, “says Constatin Barbu from Romania.

Have you been inspired to have a beer today, but feel that they are unfortunately carnivores and rarely come alone, the links can be saved during the day.

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