Good news on the food front

Good for cholesterol and blood pressure.

Good news on the food front

Two new Danish studies show that Nordic everyday food, consisting of berries, coarse grain products and Nordic vegetables, has a positive effect on both cholesterol and blood pressure.

Despite the fact that the subjects did not slim, the food they ate during the study led to both blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol sank.

Select local ingredients

This is not new to nutrition physiologist at Grete Roede, Kari Bugge.

– Several studies have suggested that it is not only the Mediterranean food that is healthy. The traditional Nordic diet also contains a lot of food that is good for health, says Bugge.

Here in the north you can blend yourself with fresh root vegetables, whole grain products and many places also fish straight from the sea.

– In addition, we have the opportunity to pick berries in the woods in the summer and also have good access to nutritious, healthy vegetables like cabbage and onion, she says.

Customizes course by season

– I think it’s positive that we can eat so much short-lived food. Making use of what is cultivated here is both ethically correct and good for the environment, says Bugge.

When Norwegian fruits and Norwegian vegetables are harvested, the local, nutritious foods are far better choices than food traveling around the world before they end up in your convenience store.

This is Nordic everyday food

  • Coarse bread
  • Grove whole grain products
  • Nordic vegetables such as root vegetables, different onions and different types of cabbage
  • Rape oil
  • Berries
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Skinny dairy products

You can benefit from Nordic diet if you

  • Has high cholesterol
  • Has high blood pressure
  • Is in the risk group for cardiovascular disease
  • Is in the type 2 diabetes risk group
Good news on the food front

Therefore, you should eat frozen vegetables

Experts are struggling and research is unclear whether organic food is healthier for health than usual, industrial food.

For poor food education

Nevertheless, I’m not surprised if few choose Norwegian. Much of the food knowledge has been lost and we have little relation to this with the season and what is grown in Norway and abroad. In the big chains you may want to ask for Norwegian apples in the middle of the season, and the producers are striving to visualize Norwegian raw materials, says Bugge.

She also gives the school some of the blame.

– This lost knowledge is largely due to the downward prioritization of food and health subjects in schools. Fortunately, lately, there has been an increased focus on local produce from chefs and others who work with food, and hopefully this will give positive effects on the environment, “she says..

“Urmat” is always healthy

Nutritionist Therese Mathisen is also not surprised by the health benefits of eating Norwegian.

– A “costume”, as it was for the country’s traditional indigenous people, is always healthy. This applies to either the diet that was eaten in the Nordic, Mediterranean or on a secluded Pacific island, she says.

Cleaner Food

The reason for this is, according to Mathisen, that the diet is nevertheless based on a lot of homemade food with clean fresh produce and not the refined products with intense taste that we eat in a lot of today.

These products are often full of salt, sugar, fat and also have long durability.

– One can say that manufacturers wonder and make us sick of the food they make, but on the other hand they are also trying to satisfy a need, she says.

Processed foods can never be measured with pure raw materials. Processed meat, such as meat dough, sausages and bacon, contains salt, preservatives and additives that affect taste, durability and appearance..

Therefore, you add a lot of useless building blocks to the body at the expense of important nutrients your body needs.

Not so healthy with meatballs

The demand for food that is quickly finished is high.

We no longer work at home on our own farm, but have busy days where we are in a hurry hungry home.

This is a need the industry tries to cover.

– In most population groups, the modern diet has unfortunately brought a great deal of health challenges and also weight challenges. A diet of berries, rapeseed oil, coarse bread and Nordic vegetables, as described in the study mentioned, is therefore absolutely health-promoting, she says.

Fish for dinner

Good news on the food front

The grip that protects against heartbreak

Eat thus our ancestors ate.

– Berries, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. They also contain biological active substances such as phytochemicals and antioxidants in general. These substances can help strengthen the immune system and health, “says Mathisen.

Choose coarse grain products, and preferably eat fish for dinner.

Also add good conscience potatoes to the plate, even though the low-carb fans think you should drop it.

Less carbohydrate

The Nordic traditional diet has throughout the years formed the basis for Grete Roede diet.

However, recently they have been able to offer a carbohydrate-reduced diet to participants who wish this.

Good news on the food front

The breakfasts ensure a healthy start to the day

Are they moving away from the Nordic food tradition?

– No, we have always recommended a diet with less carbohydrates in the form of smaller portions of, for example, bread and pasta. We have also always recommended coarse grain products. However, we know that it is important to find a diet that you enjoy and facilitate even fewer carbohydrates for those who want it, says Bugge.

Expired on date?

So why would we like to try out a lot of complicated diets when the solution to health problems is so close?

– Many believe that the old traditional message has expired on date. We’ve heard that too often, it’s too boring and it’s too little innovative and up to date, Mathisen believes.

Good news on the food front

EAT ROOTS: Root vegetables are good for cholesterol and blood pressure. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Thinkstockphotos

She also believes that many people believe that the development in health and weight in recent years is due to the fact that Norwegian diet has been followed.

Good news on the food front

This food can be fatal

So people forget about the difference between what they eat in their modernized diet and the food that was part of the traditional diet – and what they actually recommend to eat, she adds.

Want drastic changes

– I also think that many who lose weight want to do something dramatic to mark the start of something new. They make noticeable changes, and for some, this works well, she says.

She draws the 5: 2 diet as an example.

– For some, it will be good to fast two days a week, but for others this is okay, says Bugge.

She still believes that many people will have trouble keeping up with such changes over time.

Good news on the food front

Therefore you should eat the food raw

– For us, food is a key word. Being able to enjoy the food and also be able to eat in social contexts is important. The diet should not be a regime and nothing should be forbidden, she says.

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