“Going is at least as good for your health as interval training

In fact, you must not exercise to have good health.

"Going is at least as good for your health as interval training

"Going is at least as good for your health as interval training

You might want to consider dropping your morning exercise

The documentation that moderate everyday activity is enough for most of us is very solid, says Åse Bårdsen, physiotherapist and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences UiT.

– Training is good for health is a myth. I am surprised at how hard that myth is, says Bårdsen.

She believes that this says something about how strong commercial forces are in turn.

The vocational industry’s voice is clear and those who work in the industry, according to Bårdsen, get an expert status on health that they do not deserve.

Rotate with terms

– I think it’s a shame that health and good health connect so closely to hard workouts and slim bodies. It is not true, and it also makes people powerless, “she says.

Bårdsen believes it is important that the terms used become clearer.

– The words exercise and movement activity are used for each other, but they are fundamentally different in terms of both intensity and activity goals. This affects how we experience the activity, she says.

She adds that health and health are also terms we can add different content to.

– For example, it’s not unhealthy with a little overweight if you are physically active. The paradoxical is that the ideal of a slender body has such an iron grip that being overweight can threaten self-esteem and mental health, she says.

Obsolete Obsession

Professor at the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at the University of Bergen, Eivind Meland, agrees that the focus today is unfortunate.

– It’s usually unhealthy to be motivated by body mood and an excessive focus on changing your body or lifestyle. One gets healthier with experiencing joy with movement and food, says Meland.

Since both food and movement are rich sources of sense weather, he believes it is important to maintain good food and activity habits.

– And it’s important that you are motivated in your own mind and experience happiness with what you do. If food, weight and movement becomes a compulsive obsession, the health is lost. We are born with the ability to taste and experience the ability to feel satisfied, and it is an advantage to practice the ability to feel the difference between hunger and ugly emotions, “he says..

Catch with yourself

But what does it really mean to be called healthy?

"Going is at least as good for your health as interval training

Relax, there’s not much to do

– Health and health mean feeling full. Being in touch with oneself has the ability to feel joy and gratitude in life. If you try to cheat or check for health, you have a problem, Meland says.

He further says that body weight is not as important as motion.

– It’s how we use the body and not what it looks most important to health. We can teach us to accept the body in the same way that we can teach us to accept the shoe size, he thinks.

Start Small

However, activity is still important and good for you.

– All forms of activity are healthy and provide profit and quality of life. If one is physically inactive and suffers a lot of body pain, it is often difficult to get started, he says.

He adds that physical activity can also lead to increased body pain, but this does not mean that you can not withstand movement.

It simply means that you have to start with small goals and gradually increase your activity.

– We can all find something we’re enjoying, and remember that it’s the difference between no activity and some activity that’s the most important, “he says..

Harmful to health

Bårdsen says she simply sees pity on those who are young today.

"Going is at least as good for your health as interval training

Therefore, we take training fills

She thinks it must be hard to work so hard all the time to be good enough.

– Many are completely worn out of focus on exercise, food, body and appearance. We are so concerned with exercise and health that it is actually harmful to health, “she says.

She thinks expert advice is superfluous, because neither personal trainers nor physiotherapists know what’s best for you.

– People can take hold of themselves and be an expert in themselves. They know what they like, what activities are sustainable and can be lasting. Doorstitchmila gets smaller when you think about this way, she says.

Needs movement

Even Bårdsen has never been a member of a fitness center and, for her part, she sees it as both unnecessary and wasted.

And she adds gravely boring.

However, that does not mean that she is at rest all the time.

The body needs movement in the same way it needs food, but it’s the exaggerated workout it can do without.

– I’m both cycling, skiing and walking and sometimes I even run. But it’s only when I want it. Walking is at least as good for health as interval training, and the few of us do not prefer a good trip, she adds.



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