Go down ten kilos of cracking bread

Dietary calories with low calories have been restored.

Go down ten kilos of cracking bread

With this cracking cure you can go down 10-12 kilos in 12 weeks.

For a long time, we’ve heard that the best thing is to slow down slowly if you’re going to manage to keep your weight down. Now, new research shows that this may not be the case.

– People with an obesity issue can have better long-term results if they lose weight in the first three to six months, says the head of the Center for Disease Obesity at Vestfold Hospital, Jøran Hjelmesæth.

Dietary Plan

If you lose weight, low calorie cures can be a way to go.

That is, a diet plan that provides a daily intake of between 800 and 1200 calories.

What’s important to be aware is that you need a lot less calories when your cure is over. If you continue eating as before when you have finished weight loss, you will not only gain weight but you will weigh more than you did initially. This is because combustion is reduced when you lose weight, explains Hjelmesæth.

He indicates that a person descending from 100 to 90 kilograms, thus reducing body weight by 10 percent, will have to eat 20 percent fewer calories than before the cure started, to keep the weight of 90 kilograms if the physical activity is unchanged.


The crackbread cure is a low calorie. It is used in different variants at many Norwegian overweight centers.

Clinical Nutrition Physiologist and Fellow Line Kristin Johnson has prepared the Breastcake Cure used at the Center for Disease Overweight at the Hospital in Vestfold.

– All healthy adults can use this cure, says Hjelmesæth.

We have previously written about Kirsten Norderud who went down 62 kilos using his own homemade crackle bread.

Go down ten kilos of cracking bread

ate mackerel in tomato – went down 62 kilos

But there are some things to watch out for:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Feel free to take a multivitamin tablet.
  • The cure should not be used for more than three months. After that, you should gradually increase the calorie amount by introducing other foods.
  • If you have a chronic illness, you should always consult a doctor before starting a diet.
  • Children and adolescents should not use the cure.

High BMI

The cure is intended for people with obesity, ie with a body mass index (BMI) of over 30. BMI calculates based on weight and height.

Go down ten kilos of cracking bread

1-2 KILO EVERY WEEK: Expected weight reduction during the treatment period is 1 2 kg per. week. Transient side effects may occur. Many describe fatigue and starvation the first week. Photo: Petter Berg HM Photo

If you have a BMI telling you that you are overweight, ie BMI between 25 and 30, the cure can also be used if you feel the need to lose weight.

– But from a health perspective, it’s not necessary to lose weight if you’re a little overweight, as long as you’re in physical activity and eat healthy, Hjelmesæth emphasizes.

Harmful but tough cure

– This is by far healthy foods, and it is not dangerous to follow this cure for adults, healthy people. But there is very little calories in it, and especially it is a little fat. So I think you can get terribly hungry, says clinical nutrition physiologist Marianne E. Mathiassen.

She adds that it is positive that it is with some fish, which ensures the intake of essential fatty acids. Also, it is good with a lot of fiber, both from crackers and vegetables.

– Otherwise, there are relatively a lot of carbohydrates, so this is not a low carbohydrate. It is also a high proportion of proteins, she says.

The energy share from fat is up to a maximum of 15 percent. The health authorities recommend that fat contributes 25-35 percent of the energy.

Mathiassen feels it makes sense that it’s as much as four meals a day and that you can fill up your stomach with vegetables, water and mineral water during the day.

– All in all, this is not a bad cure. But I think it can be difficult to implement it for more than a few days, “she says.

– For women, this cure will only give half of the calories you usually eat during a day, and for men it’s even less, she explains.

Go down ten kilos of cracking bread

Experts reject gastric myth

– And what happens if you burst? Do you want to bump with fat because you are so hungry, she asks.

– In any case, it is important to be aware that the body will return to what it perceives as the normal weight. So the desire for calorie foods is going to be strong. If you are not going to gain weight again, it’s important to know that you have to eat less than you did initially, she emphasizes.

Expected weight loss during the treatment period is 1-2 kg per day. week.

Transient side effects may occur. Many describe fatigue and starvation the first week. Experienced is the third and fourth day most difficult.

Possible side effects:

  • Headaches and dizziness. Drink a lot! Your body needs continuous fluid supply!
  • Feeling freezing. May occur during the low calorie period. Dress warm and drink hot drinks.
  • Constipation (especially low-calorie powder). Drink a lot! It is normal that the toilet visits are getting smaller, but it should not hurt to go to the toilet.

The following tips can help:

  • 2 tablespoons flaxseed in ½ glass of water, leave for a while and drink / eat it.
  • Lactulose, available in pharmacies.

In rare cases rapid weight loss can cause gallstones. Consult your doctor if you have bile disease.

Go down ten kilos of cracking bread

Here’s the diet’s slimming

Take one day at a time! After one week it will feel better and the pleasure of weight loss will exceed the discomfort.

Do not drink juice, either bought or home made, as juice contains many calories.

crispbread regimen

Outside the diet plan you can eat cooked or raw vegetables and 1 fruit per. day. Eat nothing beyond this. Everything else eaten as well, will reduce weight loss. If you want to chew on something, sugar-free chewing gum is a good option. Avoid drops, caramels etc.


1-2 coarse crackers with optional toppings from the order list (see further down).

1 glass of skim milk (sweet or sour).

Water and vegetables.

Optional coffee / tea without milk or sugar.

Go down ten kilos of cracking bread

COST PLAN: Outside the diet plan you can eat cooked or raw vegetables and 1 fruit per. day. Eat nothing beyond this. Photo: Petter Berg, HM Photo


2 coarse crackers with optional toppings as in the overview further down.

1 glass of skim milk (sweet or sour)

Water and vegetables

Go down ten kilos of cracking bread

Low calorie or low carb? Here are the slim fries

Any coffee / tea without milk or sugar


150 grams of boiled cod, sei or other lean fish


70 grams of cooked salmon, mackerel or other fatty fish or 1 chicken breast, baked in the oven or fried in the teflon pan without frying pan


100 grams of lean, clean meat cooked without frying fats.

1 small potato or 2 tablespoons of boiled rice or 2 tablespoons of pasta.

Water and vegetables in free amount.


2 coarse crackers with optional orders from the order list.

Go down ten kilos of cracking bread

Five healthy dinners in less than 30 minutes

1 glass of skim milk (sweet or sour).

Water and vegetables.

Optional coffee / tea without milk or sugar.


1.5 l liquid in the form of water, mineral water (Farris, Bonaqua etc. ), sugar-free juice, coffee or tea (without sugar), broth.

Maximum ½ liter of sugar-free soda per day.

1 multivitamin tablet, such as Vitamineral or Cost Plus.

1 teaspoon of soy margarine or white – used for crispbread and / or frying.

Orders Overview:

Go down ten kilos of cracking bread

Is it true that you enjoy eating at night?

On one of the crackers per. Day:

– 1 tablespoon of mackerel in tomato, smoked salmon, peppermint, sardines, herring or tuna.

On one of the crackers per. day:

Cottage cheese with vegetables (peppers, tomato, cucumber, radish etc. ) or goat cheese with 3% fat.

On the four other crispbreadbreads you can choose from:

– Cooked ham, Pastramiskinke, turkey onion, lean livery (9% fat), serving with 3 % fat, pork, shrimp, crab sticks, fish pudding, fish cakes, eggs in slices and / or vegetable slices.

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