Get one kilo slimmer in one week

Loss – one kilo a week

Get one kilo slimmer in one week

If you want to go down a few extra pounds, it’s usually something you want to happen as quickly as possible.

You may want to fit into your tight favorite skirt before a big party, maybe you will go for a beach holiday in the near future. The reasons may be many, but at the same time it is important to keep in mind that losing weight is challenging.

Nevertheless, it is fully possible, according to Elisabeth Hauglum, personal trainer at Gympartner.

Once you’ve decided on the drastic road, you can certainly slim 1 kilo a week. But if you decide to do that, it’s a good idea to make a plan for weeks and maybe get a skilled professional to help you and follow you up, says Hauglum..

The food you should eat

Should you get rid of one kilo each week, you should start re-adjusting your diet.

This is about varied diet, according to Hauglum.

– The food you eat must be the food you are most fed up with. Protein and fat saturate well and preferably longer than carbohydrates. Also drink plenty of water, which can help you not eat as much as you can, or even become the same physique, she thinks.

Hauglum recommends to include a lot of vegetables in the diet as it contains a little calories per 100 grams. Then you can fill your body with a few calories, yet feel comfortable.

– Also, consider foods that are not processed to get the most value for the calories. Food that is much processed is often added a lot of extra, which in turn means that calories per 100 grams are often high and you do not stay well for a long time, PT says..

Example of diet plan

It’s smart to create a diet plan that you follow Slavic every week.

Here are Hauglum’s tips:

  • Include eggs, avocado, fish, meat, lentils, beans, vegetables, cottage cheese.
  • Breakfast: Eggs / Omelette / cottage cheese.
  • Lunch: Salad with meat / fish / eggs.
  • Melody meal: Carrot or other type of vegetable.
  • Dinner: Fish / meat / eggs / lentils / beans with vegetables.
  • Evening: Omelette with ham or avocado / cottage cheese.

High combustion with proper exercise

When the diet is in place, it is important to be active as well. It’s smart to choose the type of exercise that burns the most calories.

Exercising intervals has proven to be effective for fat burning, according to Hauglum.

– For example, combining interval training with circular training on strength, one gets a bag and bag. By exercising strength, the muscle mass will increase and rest burning will increase, the coach tips.

When you want to reduce one kilo per week, Hauglum recommends intervals 2-4 times a week, combined with lighter condition and possibly strength.

– But one has to remember that the body needs restitution too, or if it does not want to end up by itself, she emphasizes.

Predicts quick slimming

Eli Anne Myrvoll Blomkvist, clinical nutrition physiologist with doctorate in nutrition University of Agder, on the other hand, is very critical for rapid slimming.

It’s possible to slim one kilo per week, but I would not recommend it, Blomkvist says..

Max half a kilo per week

Although experts believe that everybody can lose one kilo per week if they first resort to it, none of them will recommend such rapid weight loss.

– In the beginning you would like to go down a little more than when you have slipped for a few weeks. By drastic slimming you might lose both 1 and 2 kilograms a week, but I would still recommend an average of 0.5 kilos, “says personal trainer Elisabeth Hauglum.

She refers to Professor Jøran Hjelmesæth’s comments in this case.

The professor recommends that people with BMI under 30 do not slim but rather focus on living healthy and active and avoiding further weight gain.

– Going down as much as a kilo per week is demanding, especially after the first couple of weeks. I do not recommend slimming for those who have a normal BMI, but just want some weight reduction for aesthetic reasons, Blomkvist emphasizes:

– If you first fall into it, it’s very easy to become an eternal jo-jo-slimmer. I urge people who are not completely satisfied with weight to eat more food that is good for the body, such as vegetables, legumes, fruit and berries, and less of the food that is not good for the body, such as candies, cakes, snacks, soft drinks and the like. So it’s wise to be a lot in physical activity, says nutritionist.

She believes that one will then get better health, more energy and profit, and maybe the body will also get a bit tighter, faster and stronger.

– And it’s much better than all the world’s fast dieting!

Difficult to keep the weight stable

Another negative aspect of weight loss in a short period of time is that it is very difficult to keep the weight stable, according to Blomkvist.

– Once the weight goal is reached, the real job begins and that job lasts for years! One should have a good portion of motivation and stubbornness to be able to say no thanks to food, drink, cakes and snacks when the body says yes thanks, says the nutritionist.

Besides, it can be hard to say yes thanks to exercise and exercise when the head says no thanks, she thinks further.

– It’s not impossible, but it’s hard for most people and demands that you change your lifestyle and attitude to food and exercise for the rest of your life, Blomkvist emphasizes..

Avoid weight gain

Also, Hauglum says it could be even more difficult to keep weight when slimming rapidly compared to a slower pace.

– If you lose weight drastically, you should eat up again in relation to the amount of food you have consumed lately. If you have been staying at, for example, 1300 calories daily for several weeks, you must increase your calorie intake slowly but surely, she explains.

If you start eating 2,000 calories a day, your body will absorb all nutrients like a sponge, according to Hauglum.

– The period of low food has made the body think it’s starvation, and therefore stores all food when it comes to more, to ensure the next starvation period, the coach continues.

She therefore believes that you should not think that the job is done after you have gone down. The job is to keep the weight stable.

– The body will work toward reaching its old weight. Eat up and have good healthy dietary habits evenly. That’s the total that counts.

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