Get into the bunad after just a week

Do you want a really high start of diet? You will get it if you start the cure with a fasting.

Get into the bunad after just a week

There are several ways to fasten, and if done properly, it may be a good start to a longer diet or an effective method to get rid of the two to three kilos that are needed before the bunad fits again.

Multiple Reasons

Weight loss, however, is not the only reason why people choose to go without food for several days.

“Permanent in various forms is widespread in much of the world and practiced by people for religious reasons and because they want to do something about their health,” says nutritionist Gunn Helene Arsky.

Not Hunger

Fasting can affect disease processes, cleans the body of waste and increase physical and mental well-being are good reasons to let the digestive system rest.

– And keep in mind that fasting will not say the same as starving. In contrast to fasting, hunger is a condition that occurs when for various reasons – usually involuntarily – is prevented from eating, says Arsky.

Different curator

The experience of solid will, according to nutritionists, vary from person to person. It depends, among other things, on the individual’s health condition, as well as the type and duration of the fasten.

– There are many different fixed cures. The most common are waterproof, juicy, soft and semi-solid. The latter implies supplementing a juice-proof with raw food, cooked vegetables or special diets, says Arsky.

Drink only

The most common fixes


Only water and non-energetic herbal drinks and nutritional supplements are consumed


Fruit and vegetables are also used as fruit and vegetables, as well as some fruits and vegetables.

Mythic or protein-modified solid:

Fruit and vegetables juice and a measured amount of protein are taken


One adds a juice-proof with raw food, cooked vegetables or special diets.

Source: Gunn Helene Arsky

– In a fast cure, it’s not really a special food to talk about. Fastekuren is based on clear drinks, teas, broth and natural, chopped juices, she says.

When performing a fasting curtain, be careful that you get enough fluid. Three to four liters daily is recommended amount.

Prepare yourself

Once you have decided to fast, start the cure with some preparations. Do the necessary purchases, clean away stressful meetings and other plans that can cover the implementation of your cure and set yourself mentally in the week that comes, says the nutritionist.

A fast cure can be quite demanding, especially the first time you implement it.

Pen Start

Start with one to two days of conversion cost. These days you should eat fiber rich foods that digest digestion. Eat little and easy and remember to drink a lot.

– Foods suitable for the starter are fruit, nuts muesli, raw food, potatoes, vegetables and rice. In addition, you may want to eat flax seeds, wheat bran, yogurt and other sour milk products, she says.

Not salty and sweet

And then the self-timer begins. In this week you only have to take juice, juice, soups or your fasting cure says you should eat. Do not use salt or sugar.

– During the fasting season you can drink tea of ​​herbs, but it is usually recommended that you avoid ordinary black tea, coffee, alcohol and other stimulants like smoke, she says.

Hormonal changes

– During the fasting period, a number of physiological and hormonal changes occur in the body. These changes are adjustments that are put in place to maintain body functions despite low calorie and nutritional intake, says Gunn Helene Arsky.

Juices and juices suitable for the living room

– Potato soup, carrot broth, celery sugar and tomato broth

– Vegetable juices, tomato juice, fruit juices and carrot juice

– Fruits, herbs and spices

– Rice selection, oat counting and flaxseed

– Water

Source: Gunn Helene Arsky

Burns fat

In normal fasting, insulin levels decrease in the blood and the body adjusts to a so-called glucose saving.

The body economises with the amount of glycogen that is present in the liver, and those of the cells that can cope without sugar must burn fat instead.

But keep in mind that fasting can also have a negative impact on your combustion.

Be active

– Underneath also, there is an increased decomposition of proteins from the body. This occurs partly as a natural consequence of the reorganization of the combustion in the body and partly as a result of the fact that the supply of protein is minimal, says Arsky. Therefore, when you are a sniper, she recommends that you stay physically active even if it feels heavy. This will counteract the breakdown of the muscles.

Slight addition

– For a fast-shed lasting one to two weeks, it is usually not required with vitamin and mineral supplements. If you are unsure and feel relaxed, you can still take a multivitamin or mineral supplement next door, “says Arsky.. After the cure, you should spend a couple of days switching your body to a regular, lasting diet.

– In these days you can eat rasped or whole fruit, vegetable soups, raw food, salad and boiled vegetables. Also breadcrumbs, muesli, yogurt and milky rice products match this period, she says. Drink tea, juice and plenty of water.

Safe Guide

Even Gunn-Helene Arsky has never fasted, and she has never recommended anyone to tackle a fast cure.

– But when somebody has come to me who will fast, I’ve veiled them in as safe fasting as possible. I do not hesitate unless people are sick or underweight, “she says.

Not optimal detoxification

Dr. Fedon Lindberg is not a follower of fasting, and if the goal is to cleanse the body, he does not think that fasting is anything wrong.

– There are no special advantages with full solids, and you do not get optimal detoxification as many think. Detoxification requires important nutrients, especially from proteins, vegetables and fiber, and these nutrients do not get the body when you’re aunted completely, he says.

Get into the bunad after just a week

TRANGE CLOTHES: Is your pants or bunad a little tight, fruit is a far better choice a chocolate. Even more efficiently, it’s an honor to fast some days. Photo: www. Colourbox. com

Who should not fast?

– Children

– Older

– Pregnant

– People with genetic metabolic diseases

– People with cancer

– People with serious infections

– People with peptic ulcers

– People with liver and kidney failure

– People with anorexia

– Heart Patients

– Patients with urinary retention

– People with diabetes 1

Sources: Gunn Helen Arsky and Fedon Lindberg

– Eat Healthy

Lindberg therefore believes that a healthy diet and a lifestyle that bother us with the least possible toxins is far better.

Such a diet ensures that the body’s detoxification system, consisting of liver, kidneys, skin, lungs and intestines, works optimally. He even recommends a varied low-glycemic diet with a good balance between animal food and plant food.

Select Organic

– Eat most plant food and make sure the food is treated gently in relation to the processing and heating. A good deal of food should be eaten in raw condition. Choose organic whenever possible. In particular, it concerns meat, chicken, dairy products and some fruits and vegetables that are exposed to excessive strain, he says.

Clean the body

But food is not the only way to make the system work best.

It is also important to sleep enough, stress less or master stress better, get enough sunshine as well as to trim and sweat frequently. Please use a sauna. Please invest in a good water filter both for the water you drink and the water you shower or bathe in, says Lindberg. He also recommends a good air cleaner to the bedroom.

Some exceptions

– I’m not therefore positive about detoxification or fasting, but there are exceptions. If an increased level of specific environmental pollutants, such as heavy metals, is detected, consult the physician or therapist with the necessary skills, use the time needed to remove or reduce these. This should then be followed up with appropriate tests, “says Lindberg.

Not for everyone

So who can or should really fast? Does this fit for everyone?

– Fast is a natural part of the metabolism of both humans and animals. For healthy people, they are not permanently dangerous, but on the contrary, they seem to promote health and increase their well-being. Keep in mind, however, that this applies only to healthy people and on condition that the fasten is carried out with sufficient liquid and liquid nutrient drinks, “says Arsky.

– A definite answer to who should not be fast is diabetes 1 patients, but as I say, I’m not a follower of anyone, Lindberg adds.

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