Fruits and medicine can mean trouble

Juice or fruit in combination with drugs can cause organ failure.

Fruits and medicine can mean trouble


A drug may change the effect of another drug either to change the body’s concentration or to affect the effect of the other drug without changing the concentration of the drug.

Interactions not only occur when co-administered with two or more drugs but may also occur for shorter or longer periods after discontinuation of treatment with the first. In some cases, interactions are described in weeks and months after discontinuation.

Source: Norwegian Medicines Guide

Fruits and medicine can mean trouble

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Fruits and medicine can mean trouble

So much sugar is in fruit

Fruits and medicine can mean trouble

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Fruits and medicine can mean trouble

Clear from the medical records

Research shows that fruit and fruit juice can affect the uptake of drugs.

– There are several juices, fruits and berries that interact with different drugs, “says Sofia Frost Widnes, Cand.. pharm. and counselor at Relis.

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Increased risk of side effects

Juice of grapefruit, apple and orange can reduce the absorption of drugs. Studies have also shown that grapefruit juice can increase the absorption of certain drugs.

The result of the interactions is not only increased or reduced drug effect but also greater risk of side effects.

It has been clinically shown that orange juice reduces the absorption of some beta-blockers, and in a small study of healthy volunteers, it was found that orange juice significantly increased uptake of pravastatin (Pravachol), a drug against high cholesterol.

For apple juice, there is only interaction with the antiallergic medicine feksofenadine (Telfast) as previously described.

– The list of fruit juices that interact with which medications will never be complete. Many studies have not been done, the pharmaceutical industry has little to do in doing such studies, says Frost Widnes, and advises drug users to be observant.

Be careful with grapefruit juice

Fruits and medicine can mean trouble

VERSTING: Grapefruit is a dysfunction when it comes to drug interaction. Photo: Illustration photo: www. Colourbox. com

Researcher Espen Molden at the Pharmaceutical Institute, University of Oslo, warns specifically against one fruit type that can interact with medicine.

– Grapefruit and grapefruit juice must be especially observant in relation to the risk of side effects, says Molden.

He says that this fruit, and especially the shell that is also pressured in juice production, contains substances that inhibit the breakdown of medication and thus give an increased level in the body of these.

This does not apply to all medicines, but many medicines in the treatment of cardiovascular disease may be affected.

May cause organ failure

Molds specifically draw cholesterol-lowering medications used by many people.

– The result will be increased drug effect in the form of stronger cholesterol reduction, which in itself can be positive, he says.

But Molden emphasizes that the interaction between juice and medicine will also increase the risk of muscular side effects, cholesterol-lowering medicine.

– These side effects will be pain and muscle weakness, almost like flu symptoms, and may become serious in some and cause organ failure, he says..

Danger of bleeding

Also cranberries have been shown to interact with medicine.

– Cranberries and cranberries are often taken to prevent urinary tract infections, but this has been shown to enhance the effect of Marevan, a blood thinning drug. The result of such interaction may be an increased risk of bleeding, “said Molden.

Grapefruit and cranberry is what researchers have the most data on, but Molden emphasizes that little research is being done on possible interaction between fruits and drugs in general.

Random Detection

It was a coincidence that a pharmaceutical company discovered that grapefruit juice interacted with medicine. They should look at the effect of alcohol in combination with a blood pressure lowering drug, and used grapefruit juice as “mixed water” to mask the alcohol taste.

– It was accidentally discovered that the grapefruit juice had an effect on drug degradation, Molden states.

His advice to you on medicine is to keep up with any reactions if you eat something new or unusual.

– Eat a lot of fruit and berries, it’s healthy, but pay special attention to grapefruits and cranberries, Mold.

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Fruits and medicine can mean trouble

(BI) EFFECTS: Cranberry has been shown to work against urinary tract infection, but controls away if you take blood thinning medication. Photo: Illustration photo: www. Colourbox. com



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