Four signs of stroke

It dies two million brain cells every minute during a stroke.

Four signs of stroke

Every year, around 15 are hit. 000 people of stroke in Norway.

Learn four simple steps to check the signs of the disease. Then you can save lives and limit the damage once the battle has been turned on.

Some strokes occur as a result of bleeding in an artery of the brain, but the common cause of stroke is that one or more arteries in the brain have been blocked by a blood clot.

Stroke the biggest cause of disability among Norwegians, number two cause of hospitalization and our third biggest cause of death.

Brain strokes affect all ages, although older are overrepresented. The older the man becomes, the more exposed one is to be affected by stroke. Ragnhild Bye Lütken (36) suffered a massive stroke like her 30-year-old, and got to hospital too late.

No time to lose

– Rapid identification of stroke is important because rapid treatment can help reduce brain damage caused by stroke. It dies about two million brain cells every minute the first few hours after a stroke debuts, “says Bent Indredavik, a senior at St Olavs Hospital and Professor of Stroke Disease at NTNU, to Click Health..

He says there is no time to lose – a stroke causes a stop in blood circulation to an area of ​​the brain.

– It is extremely important to recognize the signs of stroke. If a person has first been hit, it is essential that he or she quickly get to a doctor and get treatment, “says Roger Amundsen, the leader of the National Association for Slaughtered (LFS) to Click. no.

Untreated heart failure will increase the risk of stroke and heart failure.

Has had three strokes myself

Four signs of stroke

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Amundsen knows what he is talking about.

– I have had a stroke three times myself and have received proper help and rehabilitation. Therefore, I can spend my time working to spread proper information about the disease, “he says.

He describes that at worst he could not talk or talk. Thanks to rapid hospitalization and proper rehabilitation, he is now able to conduct information work on the disease.

circulatory disorders

A stroke is a circulatory disorder in the brain that occurs quite abruptly, describes the National Association of Slakymen on its website.

While 85 percent of the strokes are an infarct after a pulmonary artery has contracted, 15 percent of strokes are caused by brain bleeding after a vein in the brain has cracked.

The medical name of stroke is apopleksi.

FAST: Fjes, arm, language and speech

Four signs of stroke

F-A-S-T: It is extremely important to recognize the signs of stroke. If a person has first been hit, it is essential that he or she get to a doctor quickly and receive treatment. Learn what F-A-S-T stands for. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Thinkstock

Both Norway and several other countries have for several years had the FAST rule as a guide to quickly detecting stroke.

Four signs of stroke

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

Overlege Indredavik says that these are four specific symptoms that occur, usually within seconds.

– That these symptoms suddenly debute are quite specific to an acute blow, he says.

Amundsen in Landsforeningen believes everyone should learn the FAST rule and remind you that FAST means RASKT.

– A slideshow is always a patient who needs immediate help, he says.

– If any of these signs are present, it gives a good signal that a stroke has hit and that the person has to go to hospital immediately, “he says..

– Call 113, he continues.


F = Fjes is the first step in the FAST rule.

– Face paralysis is a sign of stroke. Ask the sick person to smile or smile. A symptom of stroke is a skewed smile, says Amundsen.

Four signs of stroke

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Indredavik also confirms that bias in the face is a clear sign of stroke. A stroke can also cause vision problems, the slipper can suddenly lose sight of one eye or half the field of vision.


A = Arm is the next step.

– Paralysis in arm is also a single sign of stroke. Ask the person you suspect to have a stroke, to lift both hands, says the LFS leader. A person who is affected by a stroke can not usually lift his arm, so this is a good indicator that he / she has had a stroke.

Indicators indicate that the paralysis can also propagate down the leg. The paralysis usually occurs in one half of the body and is perceived as reduced force in one arm and possibly also down the leg.

– A stroke can therefore also cause balance problems, it can suddenly be difficult to go, says Indredavik, which indicates that this can also be felt as a loss of skin sensation in one part of the body.


S = Language is the third step in the FAST rule. A sign of stroke is language disturbance.

-When I got my first stroke, I struggled with headache and went to a customer meeting. But when I arrived, I did not manage to answer what I was supposed to be there. “To not find words” is a clear sign of stroke, “says Roger Amundsen.

Four signs of stroke

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T = Language is the last step in the FAST rule. Speech disorder is also a clear sign of stroke.

For example, ask the one who works badly about what he or she did this weekend? Is the answer very unclear and messy and you know that this is a person who usually speaks, gives the answer by himself, “says Amundsen.

T for Time

As it is so important to get prompt treatment quickly when a stroke has hit, the last letter T in the FAST rule will probably symbolize T for time instead of T for speech, “says General Indredavik.

– This is likely to happen now in 2014, including after testing in other countries and after meetings with various professionals and the Directorate of Health, he says.

In that case, T will then be prompted to call 113 promptly at FAST symptoms.

Four signs of stroke

PREVENTION: Stroke the biggest cause of disability among Norwegians and our third biggest cause of death. The older the man becomes, the more exposed one is to be affected by stroke. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox


Four signs of stroke

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Roger Amundsen and LSF also spend a lot of time telling you how important it is to call 113 if you’re losing your ability to talk, unable to lift your arms, start talking unclean and have visible paralysis on your face.

– I know more examples of slick people who have received proper help on time thanks to the fact that they have had people around with knowledge of stroke, he says..

Unfortunately, as leader in LSF, he also knows where cases have gone wrong.

Slagmates risk being seated there without the ability to talk or do anything without proper and prompt treatment and rehabilitation, he says.

However, there are great opportunities to get a good life by fast and proper treatment and rehabilitation at the battlefields, chief doctor Bent Indredavik shows.

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