Food that gives flat stomach

With the right food you can end up with a flater stomach. Some food makes you more bloated than others.

Food that gives flat stomach

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Food that can lead to bulging stomachs:

– Dairy products. Replace regular milk with soured dairy products

– Fine cereal products

– Refined raw materials like white sugar, white flour and white rice

– Raw onions

Food that can prevent bloating:

– Fruits. Choose whole fruit rather than juice

– Vegetables

– Coarse grain products

– Raw ingredients instead of processed foods

KIlder: Chief physician Berit Nordstrand and nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen

Smaller waist and less fat on the stomach may be even higher up on Wishlist as summer approaches. In the bikini a bloated stomach feels even bigger than it really is.

– Inflated stomach has nothing to do with waist and abdominal fat, but underneath the skirt it may be just as troublesome, says senior doctor Berit Nordstrand.

Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid being blown up.

Do not starve

Often one would think that dieting or fasting should be done to overcome the problem, but by all means do not hit any sweat hives even if the stomach bumps.

– You should not starve for a better waistline. There are many tips for food we can enjoy while enjoying the belt again on the chin you enjoy, Nordstrand comforts.

Genetically conditioned

– It is also not necessary that some food is placed on the stomach while other foods lay on the hips. It’s genetically conditioned if you get it on your stomach, hips or anywhere else, says nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen.

She says that the food you eat is one of several possible reasons why your stomach bumps more than you wish.

Bloating due to poor diet with low dietary fiber is a possible cause. The food then stays too long in the intestinal tract and creates a volume that increases the size of the abdomen.

– But it is also possible to react to too much fiber. One gets blown up when all the fiber has to be digested by the colon bacteria, creating gases in our intestines, she says.

Select watery foods

– Studies that have mapped the eating habits of people with a narrower waist pointing to diuretic vegetables and fruit as an opportunity. Most people know that cucumber and watermelon are watery. These give a lot of satiety in the stomach of a few calories, says Nordstrand.

There are nerves in the stomach that respond to the wall stretching when it is filled. The nerves then send out satiety signals to the brain.

You may not narrow your waist to eat this as well as other foods, but it’s great snacks when we’re not hungry but just want to enjoy ourselves, “she says..

Perfect on summer days

Food that gives flat stomach

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Nordstrand says that some of the best watery flatmage vegetables seem to be raw vegetables like fresh salad, barley, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and citrus fruit, strawberries, apples and watermelon.

– The last is in the name. Those who read tables of glycemic index may be scared away from watermelon, but remember that glycemic index does not tell anyone about how much sugar you get in you. It’s only a measure of how quickly sugar gets into the blood, “she says.

Watermelon contains very little sugar but has high glycemic index because the little sugar is rapidly coming into blood. The fruit therefore has a low sugar load on your body.

– Watermelon is perfect training sugar before a bicycle ride in the sunshine, she says.

Responds to the food

– A few of us also respond to different foods. The most typical suspicions are wheat or gluten-rich cereals and lactose in dairy products. Others will also be inflated by sugars from fruits and vegetables, says Mathisen.

TIP for a flater stomach

– Select water or green tea as a dry drink

– Eat watery fruits and vegetables

– Limit the use of salt in the food (NaCl)

– Replace saline with mineral salt richer in potassium

– Choose potassium rich fruits and vegetables

– Eat enough full protein, 1-2 grams per kilogram of body weight. This is done easiest by including pure meat, pure fish, dairy produce and eggs, as well as protein rich vegetables such as legumes and broccoli in the everyday food.

– Drink or eat sour milk with bacterial cultures

– Eat fiber rich whole grains in coarse grain product, oatmeal, nuts and legumes. Place belgium fruit in water overnight and rinse well to remove substances that can give up the stomach upside down. We need 25-35 grams of fiber each day.

– Be aware when you eat. Studies show that those who skip their breakfast and eat more than 50 percent of their calories in the afternoon are more often overweight than they say, distributing calories on multiple meals.

– Make herb herbs that help against air pains and constipation. Let the herbs draw for 10-12 minutes.

KIlde: Consultant Berit Nordstrand

Food that gives flat stomach

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With the help of a diet supervisor or nutritionist, one can figure out such challenges and can further put together a safe and complex diet without the most provocative foods. If you are having stomach problems, you should also take a trip to the GP to rule out illnesses that require treatment.

Helps with combustion

Milk products, however, need not be a sinner. If you do not react specifically to dairy products, they can actually help pull the weld in the right direction.

– Very lucky for us who are so incredibly fond of vegetables with rømmip. Studies have been conducted that indicate that the healthy fatty acid CLA in milk fat and calcium can contribute to increased combustion. This is lucky for both stomach, buttocks and thighs, where we ladies easily store excess fat. Invest in beautiful organic dairy products for more healthy CLA, says Nordstrand.

Help the intestinal bacteria

– For inflated and slow skinny, it also helps to feed their kind of intestinal bacteria and accelerate digestion. We’re happy to forget about the hundreds of thousands of helpful helpers we have in your stomach, “she says.

You are totally dependent on these bacteria. They are essential for a nutrient uptake in the food to small bites the intestinal walls can soak up, and they also produce nutrients to the intestinal cells and vitamins to the body.

– Include more sour milk, fiber rich vegetables and more varieties of onions in the everyday food for a better digestion and a little less bulbous stomach. Some people react with air stains of onions, so you’ll try your way out, she says.

Eat green

With regard to dietary fiber intake, the vast majority of us can make major improvements.

– We know that Norwegians are too bad at dietary fiber intakes. I therefore believe that more dietary fiber will have a good effect as long as there is no sensitive bowel that reacts poorly to fiber, “says Mathisen.

And, according to nutritionists, to increase the intake of the important fibers is no hocus pocus.

– Choose consistently rough when using cereal products such as bread, rolls, crispbread, flatbread, pasta and rice. Furthermore, vegetables are central to more fiber, and I feel shocked to hear that the Office for Fruit and Vegetables has found that six out of ten Norwegian dinners are without vegetables, she says.

Drop the salt

– Another tip when you want flat stomach is to reduce salt intake from processed foods. Salt binds water into the body and can squeeze the belt out more, says Nordstrand. According to superior, the body needs scarcely two grams of salt each day, while now we get an average of ten grams.

– Salt is used as a preservative in many foods. Therefore, choose clean, unprocessed meat pieces rather than ready marinated meat for the grill. Mothers like meat in orange juice or pineapple juice rather than salty marinades, the advice from Nordstrand.

Herbal Herbs

Potassium, on the other hand, is a salt you should look for. Replace sodium salt with mineral salt rich in potassium and limit the use of salt in the food.


Bad diet is not the only possible cause of the stomach upset. It may also be that you simply have too much fat fat.

– This is usually related to gender, and men have greater disposition for this than women, says nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen.

Then you would like to see an outstanding stomach, but not necessarily with whales on the outside. The dangerous fat then lies inside the abdomen – around the organs.

Exposed stomach may also be due to poor attitude – either because of unconscious attitude or muscle that is more excited or well trained compared to the opposite side of the body.

– It is obvious that awareness and proper training and stretching will be the way to solve this, she says.

Food that gives flat stomach

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– Replace the salt with healthy herbs instead, then you may get a rejuvenating effect on your skin on your purchase. Herbs have strong health, they are damaging health problems today and prevent a number of diseases over time, says Nordstrand.

Less swelling

By selecting potassium-rich vegetables, you can also affect the size of the stomach. According to Nordstrand, potassium drains sodium from the cells and suppresses the fluid accumulation you may feel like swelling of the body.

– It’s useful if you replace salt in your food with herbs with lowering effect. Several herbs help against air pains and constipation. Such knowledge is probably based on experience, but science still follows and explains one core council after another, she says.

Wearing aerosols, rosemary is recommended, and laurel leaves do not matter if you have constipation.

Take care of calorie intake

Last but not least, it is crucial that your calorie consumption matches the calorie intake from your food no matter what ingredients you choose. Do you eat more calories than you consume, your stomach and the rest of the body will grow slowly but surely.

– Small meals several times a day give a more stable blood sugar and maybe a little less sweet suck. Drink water like a dry drink, take some strength exercises in front of the TV, go for a walk with your friends and make a good night’s sleep. All this is good help for a flater stomach, says Nordstrand.

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